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A mid-range pair designed to perform flexibly on corners and tight turns. The flex index is 80.

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Nordica's Cruise 80 ski boots are a mid-range pair designed to perform flexibly on corners and tight turns. The flex index is 80, compared to the Cruise 60 and 70 models, to provide stiffer support. The interior lining is also more flexible. The lining uses a combination of synthetic leather and tech velvet to enable comfort without sacrificing performance, and the sole uses an anti-slip material for walking on hard surfaces. As with the lower Nordica Cruise models, this model includes the "Natural Foot Stance" layout that keeps feet flat and allows for better heel pivoting on turns.

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  • "Natural Foot Stance" layout
  • Adjustable cuff profile
  • PFP Comfort Fit Liner
  • Ideal for tight corners
  • For intermediate skiers
  • Single canting
  • Aluminum buckles
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10/14/2012 06:03

I have gone through 15+ pairs of boots in my 9 years of skiing I am 45 years old and I have worn them all from Technica to Lange to Salomon. My last boots were the Nordica beast 12 I was told that they were the most comfortable boot on the market at the time, I had them worked over and over at ski shops to try to stop the hot spots but to no avail. I believed foot pain was part of it so I suffered through it the last 4 years thinking at least these didn't hurt as bad as all the other boots I've tried until I tried on the Nordica cruise 80, WOW! right off the bat I knew these were it, the comfort is incredible and now my feet don't hurt when the vacation is over, NO BLISTERS! I wish the flex was about 90 I tried the cruise 100 on but it didn't feel the same. I love the boots so much I bought a second pair just in case Nordica goes back to making boots that hurt your feet. I have 6 days in a row 5 to 7 hours a day on these boots and no pain. I normally ski 4 hours and my feet and legs hurt so much I go back to the hotel and skip a day or two but not on my last trip I skied every day and enjoyed it I used these boots with Nordica jet fuel skis and these boots have changed the way I ski and have helped me to finally do something I have never done before and that is Fully enjoy the day!

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