It charges up your mobile devices at twice the speed and finds your car with the companion iOS/Android app.

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ZUS is a smart car finder and USB car charger. It charges up your mobile devices at twice the speed and finds your car with the companion iOS/Android app. Say good-bye to time-consuming searches in large parking lots, at the mall, or in crowded neighborhoods.

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  • Best USB car charger: max 4.8A output, fully charges 2 iPad in 3.75 hours
  • Smart car finder: download the free iOS/android app to locate your car in crowded parking lots
  • German design: sophisticated European design that breathes class
  • Top quality: us military mil-std-810g grade, German Bayer pc + titanium
  • 2X lifespan: lasts twice as long as a normal USB car charger
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Color Options

  • Black
  • Gold
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Find Your Car Anywhere

Whenever you park your car, ZUS saves your car’s location automatically. To find your car, open the ZUS app and be guided back to your car. Easily toggle between the compass and map view.

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2X the Charging Speed

ZUS detects what device it's charging and delivers the maximum charging output. ZUS is able to fully charge 2 iPad Airs in less than 4 hours, that’s 2X faster than a normal USB car charger.

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To create top quality smart devices that solves everyday problems.

Nonda is a smart hardware startup based in Palo Alto, California. We're a group of smart hardware enthusiasts, app developers, go-getters, and industry specialists. We love what we do and hope to share our vision of what the future of smart hardware will look like with the world. In 2015, nonda won "The fastest growing startup" and "The best 10 smart hardwares" in Silicon Valley respectively; and in 2016, two nonda products won the prestigious iF and Reddot Design Awards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this charger can output 5v, 3.0a for nexus 5x or 6p?

    Don't read Nonda's answer. They are just trying to confuse you. This device only has USB Type A ports. Therefore it can only output a maximum of 2.1A. If it was to supply 3A on a USB-A to USB-C cable, it would be violating USB-C standards.

  • This is a really cool product. I wanted to find out if i need to have the bluetooth connection turned on all the time?

    You don't need to have the bluetooth on all the time. You just need to make sure the bluetooth is on when you are driving and parking your car.

  • Will it over charge iPhone 6s battery or damage the battery long term due to charging 2 times faster or using too much amperage?

    No, it will not damage you iPhone. The way amperage works is the source ( in this case the Zus charger) has the potential to supply up to 2 amps. If you phone only requires 1 amp (hypothetical), the Zus charger will only supply the 1 amp. The charger will only supply the amperage that your device requires.

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