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It is a smartphone from Nokia offering a full list of cell phone features, with the convenience of internet connections.

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full physical QWERTY keyboard

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very sharp 2.5" capacitive touchscreen display (640x480px resolution) - includes haptic feedback

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snappy interface

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solid build - a Nokia phone through and through

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FM radio

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loaded with tons of good applications - including Nokia Maps for free voice turn by turn GPS guidance

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dual cameras - front VGA camera for video chat, quality 8MP rear camera with dual LED flash, geotagging support, 720p video recording

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8GB of internal storage

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unimpressive battery life - usually decent on phones running Symbian

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running a dying OS - part of the last generation of phones Symbian will be installed on

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won't be sold for very long - will probably be phased out rather quickly with Nokia shutting down their online store, moving to WP7

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The Nokia E6 is a smartphone from Nokia offering a full list of cell phone features, with the convenience of internet connections, GPS unit and multimedia functions. With an ultra compact design and long battery life, this Nokia phone will carry out all necessary cell phone functions while looking stylish.

The Nokia E6 combines a 2.46" full touchscreen TFT LCD display with a real QWERTY keyboard, which makes typing emails and texts clearer and easier. This phone contains the Symbian Anna user interface making navigation through the communications apps, business apps and music and video player simple and efficient. This phone is particularly well equipped for the business user. The full QWERTY keyboard, fully integrated email straight from startup and syncronisation with Microsoft Outlook, coupled with the long battery life of upto 14hrs talk time (GSM), make this cell phone a great addition to any mobile office setup. With 8GB memory (upto 32GB with external MicroSD memory card), Bluetooth 3.0, High speed USB 2.0 and full internet browsing, this phone provides full connectivity, storage for photos, messages and documents, while remaining a slim and stylish phone.

  • 2.46" full touchscreen TFT LCD display
  • full, real QWERTY keyboard
  • Symbian Anna user interface
  • syncronisation with Microsoft Outlook
  • long battery life (upto 14hrs talk time GSM and 7.5hrs WCDMA)
  • 8GB memory - expandable to 32GB with external MicroSD memory card
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Weight (with battery): 133 g
  • Full internet browsing
  • GPS navigation
  • Access to Ovi App Store

 Available in Black, Silver and White finishes

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