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The Nokia HDB-4 is an over-the-ear headset designed for use with Nokia mobile devices.

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One of the cheapest handsets with noise canceling, although it is not wireless, but that also mean no regular recharging or tricky bluetooth pairing

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Simple to use, plug and play, Nokia handsets recgonises the headset right away

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Great value for money for a simple yet effective product that beats out sound quality of many BT headsets, for users who don't mind the wire

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Excellent voice call quality at a price where it is tough to even find a knock off product

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Physical Answer/end call button, enables completely hands free use (no need to use phone)

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Comfortable to wear, when the loop fits, the flexible loop should fit most users

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Only fits certain older Nokia products, not a standard headset connection

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Might not fit all users, earloop is not a universal fit

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The Nokia HDB-4 is an over-the-ear headset designed for use with Nokia mobile devices. Both small and lightweight, the HDB-4 utilizes an integrated earbud & microphone for hands-free operation. Plus, the unit is outfitted with noise-canceling technology, helping ensure that audio (e.g. voices) can be heard even in semi-loud environments. Most notable about the HDB-4 is its mobile functions, such as an answer/end button, an integrated microphone, and direct connectivity without an adapter. Although better headsets are available on the market, the Nokia HDB-4 headset is still recommended by many critics for Nokia simply for the fact that it is specifically designed to fit their products. The Nokia HDB-4 retails for $12.95 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • Nokia Mobile Accessory
  • Noise-Canceling Technology
  • Mobile Functions
  • Direct Connectivity
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Compatible Mobile Devices
  • Nokia 7610
  • Nokia 7250i
  • Nokia 7210
  • Nokia 6820i
  • Nokia 6820
  • Nokia 6800
  • Nokia 6651
  • Nokia 6620
  • Nokia 6610
  • Nokia 6585
  • Nokia 6560
  • Nokia 6255i
  • Nokia 6230
  • Nokia 6225
  • Nokia 6200
  • Nokia 6100
  • Nokia 6019i
  • Nokia 6016i
  • Nokia 6015i
  • Nokia 5140
  • Nokia 5100
  • Nokia 3589i
  • Nokia 3588i
  • Nokia 3587i
  • Nokia 3586i
  • Nokia 3585i
  • Nokia 3585
  • Nokia 3570
  • Nokia 3300
  • Nokia 3220
  • Nokia 3205
  • Nokia 3200
  • Nokia 3120
  • Nokia 3100
  • Nokia 2285
  • Nokia 2270
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