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The Sentry by Nixon is a mid-cost men's watch.

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great looking, classic design that goes well with formal dress

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looks just sporty enough that it can be worn casually

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built light enough that you won't notice the weight at all

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comfortable to wear all day, doesn't pinch

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hands are a little hard to read

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doesn't glow, no backlight, can't see it in the dark at all

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uses a rubber band rather than metal or leather

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setting the date is a little confusing, hard to get it right

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The Sentry by Nixon is a mid-cost men's watch. Nixon promotes this watch as being able to perform in up to 100 meters of water, and suitable for water sport use (though the leather-banded model variations of the Sentry are purely for style, and not suitable for underwater use). The three hand Japanese quartz display of the Sentry includes the day and date. The triple gasket crown of this watch is enamel filled, and is encased in a combination of stainless steel and hardened mineral crystal. The low durometer polyurethane band of the Sentry features a locking looper, for a secure fit. This watch comes in the large size. There are color options for Nixon's the Sentry men's watch, as well as model variations, which vary in price.

  • Color options
  • Model variations
  • 3 hand Japanese quartz display 
  • Large size
  • Day and date display
  • Custom 100 meter stainless steel case 
  • Hardened mineral crystal in case
  • Enamel filled triple gasket crown
  • Custom low durometer polyurethane band
  • Locking looper
  • Stainless steel buckle
Color Options
  • Gunship - $250
  • Gunmetal - $210
  • All Black/Sky Blue - $210
  • All Black - $210
  • Black - $170
  • White - $170
Model Variations
  • Leather Band, Non-Sports Design, All Black/Sunrise - $200
  • Leather Band, Non-Sports Design, All Brown/Brown - $210
  • Leather Band, Non-Sports Design, Antique Gold/Black - $250
  • Leather Band, Non-Sports Design, White - $170
  • Leather Band, Non-Sports Design, Black - $170
  • Leather Band, Non-Sports Design, All Black - $210
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