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Featuring an oversized, hexagonally shaped face guaranteed to draw attention.

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Includes extra wristband links for users with large hands - prevents initial sizing requirements, ideal for gift applications

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Sleek, minimalist design is suitable for many formal applications - preferable to over-detailed models with intermittent backlights and audible noises

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Crystal casing is highly durable - not likely to scratch, even if dropped directly face down onto a sharp or jagged edge

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Oversized face makes a statement without being awkwardly large - more functional than other oversized units from Swatch and G-Shock

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Stainless steel finish significantly increases unit lifespan - can be fully submerged in water without risk of malfunction

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Lack of hour markers are indicative of "style over functionality" - not recommended for users who have no alternate source of time reference

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May cause discomfort over time - crown piece can dig into the user's hand and triangular shape may sit unevenly

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The Nixon The Mayor is a budget-friendly and stylishly designed casual men’s watch featuring an oversized, hexagonally shaped face guaranteed to draw attention. Available in a variety of color mixtures (gunmetal, gunmetal/gold, black/wood, all black, all white, etc.), the watch features a water-resistant stainless steel metal casing, a hardened mineral crystal case that’s scratch resistant, and three-hand Japanese quartz movement. Also included is a screw-down crown and a custom solid stainless steel band designed to fold over and clasp into place. Reviewers say that the Mayor is stylish, but it’s not suitable for telling time, as it doesn’t include any second, minute, or hour markers.

  • A018-595 (Men’s Casual)
  • Stylish Analog Watch
  • Over-Sized Hexagonal Face
  • Water-Resistant Stainless Steel Case (100m)
  • Hardened Mineral Crystal Window
  • Stainless Steel Band
  • Three-Hand Japanese Quartz
  • Screw-Down Crown
  • Stainless Steel Band
  • Medium Size
  • Analog Display
  • Available in 7 Colorful Mixtures
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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