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It is a durable, Swiss-made and classically built automatic watch for men that requires no battery whatsoever.

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heavy and solid construction, not at all flimsy

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strongly resists scratches, looks great for years

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doesn't ever need the batteries changed

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jewels compliment the design, add a little flare

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second hand sweeps smoothly, no ticking motion

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can see the automatic movement through the clear case back

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looks great on the arm, like a serious watch that balances functionality with beautiful design

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slightest imprecisions, like the date turning over 4 minutes before midnight and the loss of about 10 seconds per day

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The Nixon The Automatic SR is a durable, Swiss-made and classically built automatic watch for men that requires no battery whatsoever, as it instead relies on a user’s natural wrist motion for energy. So long as the user swings their arms once every 36 hours, the watch will continue to run undeterred. The unit was built from a sapphire crystal (a material cited as harder than a diamond) and includes a tungsten steel bezel and stainless steel, water-resistant casing. Plus users have the option of either a titanium carbide or scratch-resistant coating. Reviewers say the unit is both classy and business-like. However, they've noted that if you don't wear it for two days, it'll completely stop.

  • A006099-00 (Men’s Elite)
  • Round Automatic Watch
  • Mechanical Automatic Winding
  • Water-Resistant Stainless Steel Case (200m)
  • Sapphire Crystal Crystal Caseback Window
  • Raised Tungsten or SS Bezel
  • Titanium Carbide Coasted SS Band
  • Double-Locking Clasp
  • Screw Crown
  • Day, Date, Sweeping Seconds
  • Chronograph
  • X-Large Size
  • Analog Display
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
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