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Wii Play is a simple collection of Mini-games designed to introduce you to the Wii-motes functionality.

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Comes bundled with a Wii-mote

13 agree

Improves wiimote skills

10 agree

Laser hockey is amazingly fun

10 agree

Great multiplayer game

6 agree
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Doesn't keep stats

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Lacking in depth (get bored easily)

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Some games (find Mii) can be frustrating

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Wii Play is a simple collection of Mini-games designed to introduce you to the Wii-motes functionality. The title has a total of nine mini-games, each showcasing a slightly different use for the Wii-mote. All the titles focus around the pointing mechanism for the Wiimote as pointing is an integral part of each game's play mechanic. The game includes a Wiimote and is priced at around $50, making it a reasonable alternative to buying a Wiimote separately.

Mini-game summary

Shooting Range is a duck hunt style mini which uses the Wii-mote as a pointer. Shoot the targets to earn points, while avoiding targets with your Mii's face on it.

Laser Hockey also uses the pointer to control your on screen paddle, but you can control the paddles tilt by tilting the Wii-mote.

Table Tennis lets you flick the Wii-mote in order to volley the ball back and forth during your game of Ping Pong.

Billiards lets you play some virtual pool. Just select the spot of the ball you want to hit with the pointer, hold B, and motion backwards then forwards to send the ball on its way.

Tanks! lets you control a little toy tank as you seek to destroy all of the enemies on the board. This is the only mini that lets you use the nunchuck, but its not needed. The pointer is used to line up your shot while the D-pad (or joystick if you use the nunchuck) controls the tank.

Pose Mii requires you to move your Mii to falling bubbles using the Wii Remote pointer. Through a combination of rotating and pointing, you must make the Mii "line up" to the bubble.

Find Mii gives you the seemingly simple task of locating you Mii in a crowd. Mii Pose tasks you with positioning you Mii in the correct spot with the correct pose to pop bubble before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Fishing lets you flick the remote like a fishing rod to land the magic fish in a little pond.

Charge! has you holding the Wii-mote sideways (retro style), tilting left and right to control your racing cow (?).  

Post Review
05/27/2008 09:20

I agree that if you are in the market for another Wiimote and wouldn't mind a few mindless 'party' games then this bundle isn't a bad option for the extra dough.

The games themselves don't hold interest for very long (though kids may enjoy them). The shooting game works well and I wish there was something like it that was a more fleshed out shooting gallery with longer/more rounds. Laser Hockey is the best game and the most simple, while fishing and the tank game and Pose Me tend to test my patience a bit much. As far as party games go, there is much better fare out there.

11/06/2007 07:13

Wow, I'm probably gonna get a wii. this is an awesome deal for a begginer like mii! (bad pun....)

07/25/2007 09:51

Agreed. If you want another Wiimote, get this bundle. Otherwise, pass.

07/25/2007 02:13

If you already have an extra Wiimote then it's difficult to recommend this purchase for a full $50. Essentially if you want to buy an extra Wiimote and you don't already have Wii Play, then this is by far the best value. The collection of minigames is worth about $20 or so, so it ends up being a pretty decent deal. But if you're just buying it for the games, then it's definitely not worth it.

07/25/2007 01:43

Is it worth the extra 10 dollars? I was thinking about getting this, but I usually only have one friend over at a time and since I alreadu have an extra Remote and Nunchuck so it is all good but I thought I could justify it for those rare momnets when I have more than one person over..

07/11/2007 12:24

I'm mostly buying this for the Wii-mote. A few of the games are fun (laser hockey, Tanks, shooting range) but the rest suck.

07/11/2007 10:46

I pretty much think all of the games in Wii Play suck. EXCEPT, laser hockey may be the best game on the Wii in general. I love that game. It's like Pong 2.0. Great use the Wiimote. It's worth it to get it bundled with a Wiimote as well for the price.

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