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It is an exercise simulation game (aka exergaming) developed by Nintendo that makes use of the Wii Balance Board peripheral

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Innovative pressure sensitive gamepad

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Tracks your fitness progress with "Wii Fitness Age"

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Integrates Mii characters into gameplay

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Measures BMI

19 agree

Makes exercise fun

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Encourages people to live an active lifestyle

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Helps you use the proper form with animations, tips, and feedback based on the Balance Board

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Effective in-game personal trainer

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Inexpensive, only $69.99 with Wii Balance Board

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Keeps great records that you can refer to easily, making it easy to do mostly strength one day, aerobics the next.

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Adds a channel so you can do the BMI and body test without the DVD in.

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this is the best product that has entered our obesigenic culture since the bicycle.

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Makes you want a Cinnabon.

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"Balance Board" can be used for some other games.

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The dog in the long run is cute, and you can run with it! (: Just thought I would put that out there.

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Uses BMI to determine fitness age but doesn't account for different body structures and muscle mass

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You can't input other biometric data that you've attained on your own (% body fat for example)

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Can only track four people's fitness ages.

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May label children as "obese"

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Not enough mini games

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Not really a game.

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mostly people quit after a few weeks

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Not much of a workout

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Not a good way to introduce your child into staying healthy. Get them outside!

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made by nintendo

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Wii Fit is an exercise simulation game (aka exergaming) developed by Nintendo that makes use of the Wii Balance Board peripheral. It was announced at E3 in July 2007 and has been described as "way to help get families exercising together". There are over 40 activities included in the game broken up into four categories: (1) Aerobic Exercises, (2) Muscle Conditioning, (3) Yoga Poses, and (4) Balance games. It was released in Europe on May 8, 2008 and in North America on May 21st, 2008 for $89.99 with the inclusion of a Wii Balance Board.

  • yoga exercises
  • press ups
  • step aerobics - done in sync with background musicĀ 
  • hula-hooping
  • heading soccer balls
  • ball-rolling mini game
  • ski-jumping

Wii Fit tracks your "Wii Fitness Age" in a similar manner as "Brain Age" was tracked in Brain Age and Big Brain Academy for the DS and Wii. There is speculation that Wii Fit may utilize the WiiConnect24 feature to help doctors and fitness professionals interact with patients and clients.

The Wii Balance Board will be included with the game and is already being used by other games such as We Ski, apart from upcoming titles. The Balance Board is similar to a bathroom scale and includes multiple sensors that can determine the user's (1) center of gravity, and (2) BMI (Body Mass Index). These reading are used as part of the gameplay.

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01/27/2009 09:51

Looks like Amazon has it for a good price: $89.99.

07/25/2008 07:45

I bought the U.S. version and the maximum weight for the user is listed at 330 pounds. My highest weight was 285. At that weight I felt like I barely had enough energy to move let alone work out. So I gave away my recliner and bought a glider rocker, the kind women with new infants buy. Then I made sure to watch tv shows that excite me, (politics, action movies, etc) as much as possible every day and I trained myself to express my excitement with rocking. Now I know it's slow, but in 9 months I took six inches off my waist half-assing the Dr. Oz way of eating and rocking that glider rocker to death.

So, if you're too heavy for the wii fit, trust me, a glider rocker with exciting tv will wear you out. I never felt like I was working out, but my ribs had a nice sore feeling every single morning. So I knew it was working. Just an FYI.

07/25/2008 08:48

300 pounds

Joyce Plunkett
07/25/2008 06:40

can you please tell me the maximum weight for the user of a wii fit board

06/22/2008 08:15

I got the unit (as I said I would above) and it's very nice. The BMI tracking and the work-outs are genuine. Or at least as genuine as you are willing to not cheat. But the BMI/weight tracking is phenomenal. According to the wii fit, I need to drop ~30lbs to reach 'ideal'. And about 20lbs to drop out of 'overweight' to 'normal'. The unit can install a 'channel' that does the basic weight and body-test without having the DVD in. So that's a big plus.

06/09/2008 03:33

This review is based on owning and using the wii fit for ten days so far.
I am 55, female, and according to wii, this mii is obese.

Comparing it to the perfection I want, it's about 85% of that.
Comparing it to anything that existed previously, it's 150%.

I had thought the strength moves would be boring because they're not games. I also thought they would be easy because they don't involve weights. Boy was I wrong on both counts. :) They're not so easy. I shake like I'm dyin'.... but I get higher scores every day. And when you do the plank, if you have weak toes, wear shoes for that one. It's worth it. Cause right after you do the plank, you can feel the blood rush into your back and the sides of your back. It's a workout hug. A very warm and wonderful feeling. That's just one example. I love most of the strenth moves. LOVE EM. Wii knows when you stop before he does. He knows when your form is off and corrects you. Is it any wonder I love my wii fit?

The aerobic activities are well designed to keep my heart rate up, but not too high, just right. The dance one seems plodding, but by the end I notice that again, indeed, my breathing is neither too hard or too comfortable, perfect for aerobic burn. I have all my friends and family programmed into wii, and when I play any of the games, about a fourth of the characters are my own social group. Great to see them. And their mii's are never grumpy, never argue. It's spoiling me rotten.

Yoga still bores me. Nothing has changed there. But then, I've always hated to stand still.

The balance games are enjoyable enough and I can tell they're working. My favorites are the table tilt, the ski games and penguin fishing. But I play all of them. They're working.

All of the things about wii work well. Yes there should be more multi-player games. Yes, there should be a way to string together a full work out and there isn't. At the end of each short game, you have to interrupt the flow by messing with the remote.

But still, faults and all, this is the BOMB for anyone overweight of any age. This is a gift from God. Thank you Miyamoto for bringing us this fabulous healing, healthy gift.

05/20/2008 10:51

I'm already starting to see the mainstream media hype building up. ABC news, Today show, bloggers the world over... it's everywhere. Whether it will outshine and outsell GTA4 remains to be seen, but with a gazillion Wiis out there and continuing to sell what will happen long term? I can see the appeal for somebody like my parents to get them excersizing at home and ramping it up gently with the Yoga forms and mild strength training.

From reading the reviews and impressions that have come out so far it looks like the consensus is Wii Fit is great to get you thinking about fitness, but isn't a replacement for excersize. It's a fun introduction and a better measure for improvement, which will hopefully kick-start people into living healthier lives.

From my first comment you could see I was a bit upset that Miyamoto wasn't making more games. But honestly, I have enough games in my life as it is, so it's good to see Miyamoto apply his genius to things that will have a more direct and positive benefit to the world.

01/07/2008 10:59

That sounds fun...snowboarding on the wii fit is a great idea. Actually, I think it's in the works.

01/06/2008 09:53

Tracking BMI and the yoga poses are probably enough to get this into my house. I'm not all that keen on the hula-hoop-a-polooza what not.

And don't we all want to see a skiing or snow-board game use this controller? Anyone else? It can't be just me . . can it?

Special K
11/21/2007 06:19

I can't wait for this game to come out. The initial excitement of the Wii-mote innovation is almost warn off (almost) and i'm pumped to try this balance board. I hope this board will be incorporate with the Wii-mote into future Wii releases. I am actully looking forward to a game that helps you stay in shape! Now if they could only incorporate the long forgotten "Virtual Boy" into the mix.

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