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Super Mario Galaxy is an action 3D platformer released for the Wii on November 12th, 2007.

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Engrossing and fantastic visuals

16 agree

Vast gameplay environment with many areas to explore

13 agree

Excellent audio - FX and music

13 agree

Well-thought out game play

12 agree

Expands the 3D platformer genre

12 agree

Simplified control scheme

10 agree
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Graphics would benefit from HD support

8 agree

Crazy levels makes for difficult camera perspectives

5 agree

Trite gameplay gimmicks, especially with bosses

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Super Mario Galaxy is an action 3D platformer released for the Wii on November 12th, 2007. The game is set in outer space, as you control Mario by jumping from planetoid to planetoid with the objective of collecting stars like other Mario 3D games. Gravity plays a significant role in Galaxy with the planet's affecting Mario's trajectory while also preventing him from drifting off in to space.

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01/07/2008 01:31

It's probably ME, considering the universal praise this game is receiving, but Galaxy just didn't grab me like I thought/hoped it would. I played Mario 64 like a fiend when it first came out, I'd wake up early in the morning to get an hour in before school, and would play it as soon as I came home. I got all 120 stars, and trust me that some of those were HARD.

What bothered me about Mario Galaxy is that it's just too similar to previous Mario games. And trust me that I'm not one of those innovations or changes for the sake of being different, but when you're performing the same double jumps to grab the same star... it's just all a little antiquated. Oh look, I have to hit the giant fish with a shell 3 times. No wait.. FIVE times!

Maybe if I had this in my home and got the opportunity to really dig deep I'd change my opinion, but from the outset the game just didn't grab me.

01/07/2008 01:03

This is one of the freakin' best games I have ever played.

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