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Similar to the commercially successful remakes of Pokemon Red and Green released in 2004.

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New sprites and animations are detailed and exciting

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Features new remade versions of the original soundtracks, plus unlockable original versions.

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Features all the 4th generation improvements to gameplay on the competitive and casual levels

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Features the huge and now-classic worlds of Johto and Kanto

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Pokewalker device is fun for helping level your Pokemon wherever you go

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Long main quest with sixteen Gyms to challenge and tons of sidequests

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Few additions to Pokemon movepools makes for even fewer changes in the competitive metagame

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Similar to the commercially successful remakes of Pokemon Red and Green released in 2004, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, HeartGold and SoulSilver return players to the setting of Johto, first introduced in 2000's Gold and Silver. Taking advantage of the hardware changes since then, the games feature fully redesigned environments with 3D visuals. The gameplay as likewise been upgraded with the strategic tweaks and features introduced in later iterations, bringing them up to the strategic depth of other 4th generation titles. Like the original versions, HeartGold and SoulSilver offer Red and Blue's world of Kanto to be explored fully after beating the main game. Features such as a further expanded online multiplayer support, new minigames (some using connectivity to the packaged-in Pokewalker pedometer) and new moves for existing Pokemon, the games aim to be the most robust Pokemon experience yet.

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