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New Super Mario Bros Wii is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game released for the Nintendo Wii in late 2009.

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design harkens back to the timeless Mario scrollers while incorporating newer content from the later 3D Mario games - huge nostalgia factor

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brings back some great original tunes, remixes others, includes great new music too

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real multi-player - multiple characters on the screen at the same time, play competitively or cooperatively

5 agree

challenging and long

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great graphics - same style as the older games with upgraded resolution/detail

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many secrets to be found

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Super Guide - die too many times and you can watch the computer run through the level to discover some helpful tips and tricks, or let it progress to the next level for you

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clean - family friendly

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players can come or go - no need to stop playing or start again to bring a friend into the mix

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New Power Ups - Penguin, Ice Mario, Flier...

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unbelievably fun - both playing alone and with friends

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cannot utilize the classic controller to play

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players get in the way of each other. while this can play an important roll in competitiveness, it can be rather annoying when in tight spaces, trying to help each other.

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limited character selection - Mario, Luigi or two different Toads

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a bit pricey for what it is

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bad title - is good enough to be called something along the lines of Mario Bros. 4 or Super Mario World 2

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You can't zoom in or out in 1 player mode.

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Super Guide effectively lets you cheat, getting through difficult parts of the game without putting in the time and effort

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New Super Mario Bros Wii is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game released for the Nintendo Wii in late 2009. It is the first game in the Super Mario Brothers series since its original arcade counterpart (Mario Bros.) to feature simultaneous multiplayer gameplay. A user can either play by him or herself, or instead play cooperatively or competitively with up to three friends as Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad. As well as the main story mode, included also is a batch of dedicated multiplayer modes where players can compete for the highest score, number of kills, or total coins collected.

Additional Information

Additional features include a 'Super Guide' system that helps a player who has consecutively failed 8 times in a row at completing a level; a new spin jump performed by shaking the Wii remote; and a bevy of new powerups like the ice flower, propeller mushroom, and penguin suit.

  • Side-Scrolling 2.5D Platform
  • Four Playable Characters
  • Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Main Storyline Campaign
  • Competitive Multiplayer Modes
  • Super Guide System
  • Spin Jump
  • New Powerups
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01/04/2010 05:01

I love this Game, not only is it nostalgic, but it keeps to much of the original styles of game play. Introducing 4 players is a great addition. (in part, this too should have given Nintendo a good reason to Call it Super Mario 4)

One Nagging item bothers me about this game though... Will all the time and energy they put into making this game they decided NOT to name the other 'toads' we'll call them, or got lazy and didn't want to bother introducing a new character.

Why not have a Female Toad? What ever, they screwed up there... but it has no side effects on the game play.

if you are thinking of getting this game cuase it seems like the older style game, don't hesitate... its what you think it is and more.

have fun!

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