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Mario Strikers Charged is the Wii sequel to the GameCube soccer game Super Mario Strikers.

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Multiplayer (online and local) is extremely fun

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Online play functions well

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Wide variety of players with different skills

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Free online play

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Simple yet fun controls

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Can't skip Megastrike animations which can be quite long

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Have to use Friends Codes!

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Easy to figure out "cheap" goals

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No "Season" mode with team stats

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Mario Strikers Charged is the Wii sequel to the GameCube soccer game Super Mario Strikers. Strikers Charged takes the traditional game of soccer as a base, then layers crazy rules, abilities and power ups. A major notable feature of this game is that it's one of the first Wii games to incorporate online play in a substantial form.

Next Level uses only the most basic rules of soccer as a base for the game. There are four players on each side: 1 captain, 2 sidekicks, and a goalie. Players pass the ball, and shoot on net to score. Each aspect of the game undergos a Nintendo transformation. There are no fouls to speak of, instead tackling opposing players results in stealing the ball or releasing power ups. Power-ups come in the form of shells, bombs and other items that knock your opponents around or enhance your players' abilities. Pressing the B button shoots the ball, and holding the button down longer charges your shot, with enough charging you unleash a Megastrike shot that can shoot up to 6 balls at once.

Megastrikes are accompanied by a fancy animation and then launch the opposing player into a mini-game where all the balls fly at the screen and the player uses the Wiimote to guide their goalie's hand to block the incoming balls. Only the captain can launch a Megastrike, with the two sidekicks having special abilities of their own. Every character, captain and sidekick, has individual attributes, strengths and weaknesses, alongside a special power.

Aside from the aforementioned blocking mini-game use of the Wiimote's capabilities are limited. The only other Wiimote specific function is using a jerking motion of the Wiimote to launch harder tackles against the opponent. Regular tackles are performed using the push of a button.

Online play comes in two forms: a ranked match that has stat tracking with appropriate leaderboards; a casual match where you can play against friends. The online portion attaches to your Mii, meaning each Mii has their own friend code to

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Special K
09/05/2007 05:15

I love this game. It is like the soccer version of "Mario Kart". You gotta give it to Nintendo for making fun games, without needing intense "realism".

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