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ElectroPlankton was created by Japanese contemporary musician Toshio Iwai.

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Unique game that showcases the DS

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Lack of goal means novelty can wear out fast

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No way to save compositions internally

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ElectroPlankton was created by Japanese contemporary musician Toshio Iwai, and is being referred to as a "Touchable Media Art" game. The "game" places players in a water-based world. Within that world there exists ten types of "electric plankton" creatures. These creatures react to your touch and voice. Based on your touches and voice inputs, the game outputs different video and audio patterns, modifying your voice with a variety of effects.
Game fanatics will find bonuses like classic NES music and the included Audience Mode outputs endlessly changing audio automatically with no player input for just pure listening pleasure. The Japanese release includes a pair of headphones. In the US, ElectroPlankton was released only in limited numbers.
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04/02/2009 06:23

This is truly a one-of-a-kind game. Clear, crisp, liquid graphics and beautiful sounds with many innovative ways of composing sounds in an ambient sort of way. There is (unfortunately) no direct way to save your work so Electroplankton is more of an on-the-fly, one-person jam session akin to something more like Stomp with the ability to to only play with one sound set at a time. So it works more as a musical instrument than a linear game. Because of the lack of any real goal, Electroplankton can lose its novelty pretty fast. However, its a great game for passing time, relaxing and zoning out, or showing off your DS.

* Some of my friends and I who all own "Electroplankton" got together with our DSes and jammed that way. Sometimes cacophanous but pretty amusing. :)

09/05/2006 07:41

Very interesting game. I'm pretty into music, and this sounds so delightfully awesome i can't say no!

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