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Nintendo's latest home console.

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Very short loading times

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Top notch Nintendo games

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Tons of multiplayer games

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Easy and cheap to mod

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Wavebird is quite possibly the best wireless controller ever

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Compact design makes it ideal for taking on the road.

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Option for higher definition video is worth the upgrade.

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No longer supported by Nintendo

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Only two online games

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Some versions have unreliable optics and will die after several months.

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External Ethernet Connection

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Nintendo's latest home console. The Gamecube is home to all of Nintendo's memorable games and characters such as Mario and Zelda. The Gamecube was crushed by rivals Microsoft and Sony with their Xbox and PS2 respectively. It has since been succeeded by the Wii and Nintendo is no longer producing games for it.
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11/11/2009 09:42

The Gamecube was underrated in its day; compared to the juggernaut PS2, which was having one of the best runs seen in console gaming history and the bold new Xbox, it seemed lacking, but careful retrospection reveals a solid console worthy of the Nintendo legacy. Even though the online play was gimped from day one and the GBA connectivity gimmick never took off, Nintendo still made many good decisions with the overall design - the Gamecube controller is still my #1 choice for a wide variety of genres. Above all was the games, though: Nintendo's ability to design an infinitely fun game that was both simple to learn and complex to master shone through any number of hardware setbacks or lackluster 3rd party showings (Capcom and Sega's efforts aside).

04/16/2009 10:26

Though I have moved onto the Wii, I still play the Gamecube games.

08/16/2007 12:47

why gamecube is making action games,football and cars like gta,maxpayne1and2.god of war. winning eleven 8 ,9 and 10, fifastreet please i want this games to play in my gamecube console

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