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The V1 is an interchangeable-lens digital camera from Nikon that offers a step-up from the company's J1 model.

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pictures have great detail and colors are true to the real-life scene

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focus is extremely quick, great for fast-moving subjects or candid shots

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video recording looks great on an HDTV

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menu is easy to navigate, very straight forward

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100% silent in operation, can only just barely hear the shutter itself

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small and light for a camera of this quality, fairly easy to lug around

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capable of really fast burst shooting

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no flash included, needs to be handled separately

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The V1 is an interchangeable-lens digital camera from Nikon that offers a step-up from the company's J1 model. Featuring a sleek, vintage-style matte black finish, this model is both one and two-lens kit options. Developed with Nikon 1 engineering, the camera is built on the EXPEED 3 engine that comprises a host of advanced imaging technologies. Responsible for the product's powerful performance, these include dual image processors, focal-plane phase detection auto-focus and ultra-fast data transfer speeds. Shutter speeds in auto-focus and manual modes are 10 and 60 frames-per-second respectively, enabling full clarity amongst fast-paced shots with minimal preparation. Fitted with both an electronic viewfinder and a "Live View" LCD panel, users can access highly-accurate shot previews as they work for constant reference and project consistency. For truly professional applications, the 1 V1 includes accessory ports for attaching Speedlight units, high-quality microphones, and even a GPS transceiver. Rapid-fire image capture is mode possible via Motion Snapshot mode, a function that takes multiple back-to-back photographs when the camera's capture button is pressed and held. The Smart Photo Selector feature allows users to quickly scan through a large amount of still photos, setting parameters that will identify and remove photos based on poor lighting, blinking, lack of focus and more. Paired with the company's NIKKOR lenses, users can access a wide variety of specialized shooting environments ranging from macro to wide-angle applications. 

  • Matte black aesthetic
  • Available in one-lens, two-lens wide angle and two-lens zoom kit options
  • Nikon 1 technology 
  • Hybrid autofocus
  • Full 1080p HD video capture
  • Smart Photo selector
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • Live View LCD panel
  • Optional GPS unit 
  • Motion Snapshot mode
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