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A DSLR camera with a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. It comes with an 18 to 55 mm AF-S NIKKOR lens.

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This is a 35 mm, 24.2 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera with a DX-format CMOS sensor

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It includes an 18 to 55 mm lens for wide-angle range to medium telephoto range

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This camera includes many high-tech features for quality photos and video, including vibration reduction on the lens, an EXPEED 3 image processor and 1080p HD quality for video

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It’s more expensive than other types of digital cameras

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The Nikon D3200 is a DSLR camera with a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. It comes with an 18 to 55 mm AF-S NIKKOR lens that minimizes blur by reducing vibrations and is best suited for wide-angle shots to medium telephoto range shots. This camera records 1080p high definition video and its EXPEED 3 processor feature provides in-camera filter effects. Its pop-up flash provides light and visibility in dark moments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would you recommend this camera or a different model for portrait photography?

    This camera would be perfect for what you want it for reason being its small and near for a dslr and remember this model has the wifi capabilities for portrait now you can put your self in the picture.

  • Nikon 3200 or Nikon 5100 which is best for taking photos of hs athletics basketball, football, volleyball and also still shots of kids.

    The only difference I've found thus far is the resolution. Both cameras use the same batteries, chips, etc. I personally don't use the ISO boost on either camera because it tends to pixelate at higher ISO's. As for lenses, I purchased the 35mm and 50mm Nikkors for prime lenses and a 70-300 Tamron for a longer reach. Figure that should cover most bases. In your case I think a longer lens for the football shots might come in handy.

    This is the kit I'm taking to Ireland on the 27th since I don't know what conditions I'll find there. As for the D3200, I've run at least 4000 frames since I purchased it 3 or 4 months ago. If you're familiar with DSLR's either camera will have a very shallow learning curve. Both are excellent!

  • Which camera is better nikon d3200 or cannon tsi 18 mega?

    Which canon model are you comparing the d3200 to? t2i? t3i? t4i? for the most part nikon and canon beginner dslr cameras are equivalent, the brand/model won't matter much. they have thier strengths and weaknesses, but overall they're pretty much the same. your best bet is try to go hold a few different models/brands in your hands, see which ones resonate with you. and good glass (lenses) is far more important than the camera body itself, as it has the biggest impact on image quality. so if possible underspend on the camera body and overspend on glass. a good 50mm f1.8 prime lens is a great compliment to the provided kit lenses.

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24.2 megapixel CMOS Sensor

The camera comes with a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor that creates clear images even in low light.

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This camera has an 11-point autofocusing system that automatically focuses on subjects, even if they’re moving. You can choose between single-point, dynamic-area or 3D-tracking autofocus. It also has the option of choosing which area to focus on, from the face, subject tracking, normal area or wide area.  

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This camera comes with a rechargeable EN-EL14 lithium-ion battery. It works for about 540 photos each time it’s charged.

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You can set the ISO from 100 to 6400 for different lighting needs to handle extremely bright light, low light and everything in between. You can also set it to the 12800 equivalent, or Hi 1, to account for low light extremes or choose the Active D-Lighting feature for more detail in images with high contrast. The camera comes with a pop-up flash that can be set to work automatically or manually.

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You can choose automatic settings to handle a number of different types of shots like portraits, landscapes, action shots, night shots and more. Advanced settings allow you to play with focusing, softening backgrounds, freezing motion and other features. You can also choose the Scene Auto Selector to have the camera pick the best mode for you.

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In-Camera Editing

Crop, add filter effects, correct red eyes and create black and white or sepia images from color ones. Editing works for video as well as photos.

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This camera comes with an AF-S NIKKOR lens with a range of 18 mm for wide-angle shots to 55 mm for mid-range telephoto shots. It also features Vibration Reduction to reduce blurriness in shots. This camera also works with other AF-S and AF-I NIKKOR lenses.  

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File Formats

The images can be saved in NEF (RAW), JPEG and NEF (RAW) + JPEG. 

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1920 by 1080p HD Video

Shoots video in full 1920 by 1080p high definition quality with audio, by pressing the record button. Use autofocus, manual exposure options or slow motion to enhance videos 

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LCD Screen

The camera comes with a three-inch TFT LCD screen to use the menu and different settings, and to view photos and video. The screen shows 921,000 pixels for high-resolution viewing. It has a 160-degree viewing angle and it adjusts the screen brightness to account for different lighting situations.   

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Additional Properties

  • Focus mode: Single-servo AF (S), Continuous-servo AF (C), Manual Focus (M) , Focus Lock AF Area Mode
  • Metering methods: 3D Color Matrix Metering, Center-weighted average metering, Spot metering
  • Exposure modes: Aperture Priority, Auto, Manual, Programmed Auto, Shutter Priority
  • White balance modes Auto, Cloudy, Daylight, Flash, Fluorescent, Fluorescent (Day White), Fluorescent (Natural White), Fluorescent (White), Fluorescent H, Incandescent, Preset Manual, Shade
  • Max sync speed: 1 / 200 sec
  • Flash compensation: -3 EV to +1 EV (in 0.33 EV steps)
  • Continuous shooting: Up to 4 fps
  • Video file size and frame rate: 1920 x 1080: 30 fps, 25 fps, 24 fps
  • Audio recording: With Video, Mono, Via Optional External Mic
  • Self-timer: 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec
  • Connectivity:  Audio Out, HDMI C (Mini), USB 2.0
  • Wi-Fi: Optional
  • Battery: 1x EN-EL14 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 7.4VDC, 1030mAh
  • AC power adapter: EH-5b (Optional)
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
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