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Nikon's GP-1 GPS receiver is an optional geo-tagging add-on for a range of Nikon DSLRs.

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can be conveniently and securely mounted on flash hot shoe

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has an LED indicating GPS fix and if it has a fix, indicates its quality

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can feed GPS data to any PC via standard USB (and powered via USB in this scenario)

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camera can show GPS data on its screen

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compatible with a range of Nikon cameras (comes with two cables: one for the D90, one for all others listed above)

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drain on camera battery barely noticeable

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eliminates geo-tagging related post-processing

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expensive! (compared to geo-taggers that use the time stamp to geo-tag in automated post-processing). But still only option for DSLRs.

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camera cable connector placed inconveniently (you'll have to take it off if your camera bag fits snugly)

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cable connection breaks easily (mine after 7 months) and replacement cable is $50

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Nikon's GP-1 GPS receiver is an optional geo-tagging add-on for a range of Nikon DSLRs. It acquires GPS latitude, longitude, altitude, and time information and writes the data into the photo's meta data information section (EXIF in the case of JPEG). Satellite acquisition is ~45 sec from cold start, and it can be configured to continue geo-tagging photos with the last available position even when GPS fix is lost (e.g. inside buildings). Besides the proprietary connector that is compatible with Nikon's D90, D3, D300, D700, D2Xs and D200 cameras, it can be hooked up to any computer via a standard USB port, feeding GPS data to it. When connected to a Nikon camera, it draws power from the camera's battery, otherwise over USB. The GP-1 has been available in the US since Q1 2009.

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03/28/2011 04:37

The cabling is a design flaw and a common problem. So common, that someone bothered to put a work-around online here.

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