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The SB-700 AF Speedlight is a high-end flash unit from the Nikon company.

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excellent power output, adequate for almost any application

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dedicated buttons are comfortable to work with

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ratio shooting is very helpful, balances main/key/hair lights well

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command dial makes scrolling through menus is quick and easy

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fast recycle time, can shoot shots in reasonably rapid succession

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flash lock is spring-loaded to ensure it is secure even if you don't push it in quite right

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stays very secure in the hot-shoe

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snap-on gel filters go on securely, easy to attach/detach

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slightly heavier and bulkier than the Nikon SB-600

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The SB-700 AF Speedlight is a high-end flash unit from the Nikon company. Utilizing a lightweight, portable design, this model offers 360-degree lateral rotation for a wide variety of lighting applications. Three light distribution patterns are available that include "Standard" for normal low-light image capture, "Center-weighted" for potraits, and "Even" for multiple subjects and interior landscapes. Automatic format identification helps to sense whether the user's camera is in FX or DX mode to apply a pre-configuration amount of flash, while a similarly-functioning color filter is available to identify hard color types and adjust white balance accordingly. Wireless flash control enables the SB-700 to be used as a remote speedlight with compatibility for up to three groups with four-channel outputting to minimize signal discrepancy in multi-camera scenarios. The unit also features "Auto Power Zoom Coverage" for versatile support of many lens types ranging from 24 to 120 millimeters. Rotary dial selection provides simplistic function selection for time-efficient configuration, while overheating is minimized via an increase in flash recycle damage to prevent long-term damage.  

  • Portable and versatile
  • i-TTL flash control technology
  • Wireless flash control
  • Auto Power zoom coverage
  • 3 light distribution patterns 
  • Color filter identification 
  • Streamlined controls/menus
  • Flash Tube overheating protection
  • Flash Value lock 
  • Waterproof mounting cover 
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