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The set is related to the Nike VR Pro Blade in construction and features.

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Laser like accuracy

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Advanced golfers will love the spin control

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Long irons aren't as difficult to hit as you may think

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Incredibly versatile, play well out of all lies

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Top of the line looks

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Smooth feel on well struck shots

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Ball comes off short irons too hot around the green

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The Nike VR Pro Combo are a tour-level set of irons designed to evenly span the gamut of clubs built for distance and those built for precision. The set is related to the Nike VR Pro Blade in construction and features, but isn't as narrowly focused on complete precision in order to gain some distance and forgiveness on the shots. Similar to the Nike VR Pro Blade, however, is the use of X3X Grooves which ensures maximum flight control and consistency. In the 3-4 Irons, a pocket design is used for forgiving, long shots. The 5, 6 and 7 irons have a split design that enhances control and workability to get the ball on the green. At the 8, 9 and PW clubs feel is enhanced for a more precise short-game. Throughout the entire series the center of gravity is manipulated to give a consistent feel of progression as the player works through each club.

  • (2) 3-4 Iron - Pocket design *
  • 5-6-7 Iron - Split **
  • 8-9-PW - Blade ***
  • X3X Grooves
  • Consistent movement of the center of gravity throughout
  • Precision-forging to near-finished levels
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold or Nike Project X shaft
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