The Dunk Low Premium sneaker line is a line of sporty men's shoes from Nike.

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The Dunk Low Premium sneaker line is a line of sporty men's shoes from Nike. The many model variations in this product line are united by certain common features, such as a hard rubber outsole. This feature makes the Dunk Low Premiums good for sporting purposes as well as the everyday. This is true of all the shoes in the Nike Dunk series: they are meant to be versatile. The padded tongue will help to ensure that you will be comfortable in a variety of situations. With many different models and styles at fairly low prices (generally nothing over $100), the Nike Dunk Low Premiums should be able to suit a variety of sneaker-wearers. The chief critique of these shoes has been that they get fairly hot with use.

  • Base Model - Color Options - Black/Purple, Black/White, Baroque Brown/White  
  • Jordan Pack AJ8 Edition - Black/Red color, "Air Jordan" design
  • Jordan Pack AJ7 Edition - White/Blue color, "Air Jordan" design
  • Trickstar BMX Edition - Gold/Black color, star design, yellow soles
  • Lobster Edition - Red/Black color, checkered insole
  • QK Haze Black Edition - White/Gray color, smoke design
  • High Hair Edition - Blue/White color, classic fabric design
  • White Snake Edition - White color, glossy design
  • Royale Fam Edition - Black/Brown color, red insole
  • Abyss Edition - Green/Blue color, white swoop, classic fabric design
  • New Castle Edition - Gold/Atlantic Blue color, white insole
  • Animal/Safari Edition - Yellow/Black color, "Leopard" design
  • Liu Xiang Beijing Olympic Gold Edition - White/Gold color, shiny gold swoop, yellow soles
  • Notebook Edition - Black/White color, "Notebook" design
  • Leather upper
  • Rubber soles
  • Breathable perforations
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Stable design
  • Stylish model variations


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