The Nike Air Zoom Cush iD is a Customizable Skater Shoe.

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The Nike Air Zoom Cush iD is a Customizable Skater Shoe.  This model comes in a large variety of pattern styles and colours to completely customize the skater shoe of your choice.  This model features a Nike Zoom Low Profile that has the added benefit of extra cushioning.  Depending on the wearer's choice, the shoe can have a Suede, Leather, or Denim Upper, all which are very durable and lightweight.  There is also a choice of 2 different Personal iD's that are independent of either the left or right back.  A choice of 2 different side graphics is also available: Mad for Plaid OR Broken Glass.  Finishing off the Cush iD is a Rubber Outsole with V-Oriented Flex Grooves for added flexibility.

Being a skater shoe, this model has Multi-Directional Tread Patterns to give it a skater feel and add grip while on a board.  This shoe is made of very durable material that can stand up to large amounts of punishment and still not tear.  The shoe is fully customizable in colour and style (see manufacturers page).

Key Features
  • Skater Shoe
  • Low Profile
  • Nike Zoom Technology
  • Choice Of Upper:   Suede / Leather / Denim
  • Choice of iD:   Right Back / Left Back
  • Choice of Side Graphic:   Mad for Plaid / Broken Glass
  • Rubber Outsole w/ V-Oriented Flex Grooves
  • Multi-Directional Tread Pattern
  • Skater Feel
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Colour:   Variety (see manufacturers page)
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