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The Air Max 2009 Leather SIs are high-end men's sneakers from Nike.

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stylish design looks great with jeans

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excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces

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allow air to move through them, even the black ones feel cool

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responsive to movements in any direction, ideal for playing some sports

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great arch support, keeps your feet relaxed

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don't need any breaking in to feel comfortable

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plenty of cushioning inside, feet feel comfortable even if you're on them all day

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built a bit heavy, noticeably weigh down your feet

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bulky design makes them a little awkward to wear casually

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The Air Max 2009 Leather SIs are high-end men's sneakers from Nike. Nike promotes these sneakers as having style, but also being able to take you far if you choose to use them as running shoes. Like other sneakers in the Air Max line, the Air Max 2009 Leather SIs have Max Air technology in the heel. In this case, there is a 360 Air Unit in the heel, which Nike promotes as the maximum amount of cushioning available. This cushioining technology absorbs the impact of repetitive motion (which can be straining if you walk or run a long distance), and protects the foot from potential injury. The rubber outsole will give you traction when the going gets tough, and will also help to make the Air Max 2009 Leather SIs durable. Nike's Flywire technology in the leather upper creates a lightweight support for the feet that is also comfortable. There are color options available with the Air Max 2009 Leather SIs.     

  • Color options
  • Leather upper
  • Quilting designed upper
  • 360 Air Unit
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lace color options: Yellow, White, Black
  • Cushioned design
  • Perforated upper
  • Leather design
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Flywire technology
Color Options
  • Black/Metallic Silver
  • Electric Green
  • Anthracite
  • Black/White/Volt
  • Red/White
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