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The Nike 6.0 Mavrk Mid 2 is an Extremely Lightweight Sneaker.

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Basic visual aesthetic looks cool and striking.

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Durable construction--can stand up to regular use and abuse with no real noticeable wear.

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Supportive design--stiff upper and good ankle support.

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Made from lightweight materials--good for sports use.

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Excellent grip suitable even for skateboarding use.

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Comfortable right out of the box--no break-in period at all.

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Gets dirty very easily, requires frequent cleaning to stay looking new.

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Beware colour options that feature a red swoosh--it fades easily to pink.

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The Nike 6.0 Mavrk Mid 2 is an Extremely Lightweight Sneaker.  This model is designed for everyday use and general sports, with a clean profile and 13 different colour variations.  The shoe is made with a combination of Leather, Suede, and Nuback to provide extra durability and comfort.  A Back-Heel Pull Tab makes putting on the shoe simple while protecting the heel lining.  Sure-Fit Tongue Straps also ensure that the foot is securely placed to protect the heel during activity.  The Mavrk Mid 2 has a Honeycomb Construction that keeps the shoe lightweight while still retaining durability.

The Mavrk Mid 2 has extra ankle support to protect the user during strenuous activity, while the raised profile of the shoe give it a skater feel with extra flexibility.  This shoe is available in all solid rainbow colours, as well as a mix of 3 colours.

Key Features
  • Everyday Sneaker
  • Raised Profile
  • Makeup:   Leather / Suede / Nuback
  • Back-Heel Pull Tab
  • Sure-Fit Tongue Strap
  • Honeycomb Construction
  • Extra Flexibility
  • Durable
  • 13 Colour Variations (Rainbow Choice)
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