The Nike Total90 Shoot III FG is a Superior Traction Soccer Cleat.

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The Nike Total90 Shoot III FG is a Superior Traction Soccer Cleat.  The Shoot III FG is a step up for the Shoot II Extra FG, providing more surface space on the shoe for increased ball control.  This model has a Synthetic Leather Upper and a Uniform Surface to maximize ball contact and give superior comfort.  Additionally, a Textured Screen at the Upper helps spin the ball to aid in specialized shots, something the Shoot II does not include.  An EVA Sockliner offers cushioning for the foot to remove pressure for the cleat studs.  The Shoot III FG has a Lightweight Outsole with Optimized Cleat Placement for added traction and maneuverability.  This model is intended for Firm Surfaces with Short Grass, but can also be used on slightly wet ground without slipping.

This model is durable enough to stand up to large amounts of punishment, while still being lightweight enough so as not to detract from running speed.  The cleat's Leather Upper will conform to the foot for the best possible fit and comfort.  This model does not have a shot shield like the Shoot II, but makes up for that with an increased amount of uniform surface space on the shoe.  This model comes in the colour Red with Black and White or Blue with Yellow and Black detail.

Key Features
  • Soccer Cleat
  • Firm Surfaces
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Uniform Surface Upper
  • Textured Screen on Upper
  • EVA Sockliner
  • Lightweight Outsole w/ Optimized Cleat Placement
  • Durable
  • Strong Grip
  • Colours:   Red w/ Black and White, Blue w/ Yellow and Black Detail
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