The Nike Mercurial Vapor VI iD is a Multi Choice Soccer Cleat.

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The Nike Mercurial Vapor VI iD is a Multi Choice Soccer Cleat.  This shoe comes with a variety of options depending on what a player is looking for in shoe performance.  This model has a Micro-Fiber Synthetic upper that ensures durability, and the player gets a choice of a Soft or Responsive sockliner.  There is also a choice to include the lace cover that would provide extra ball contact if included.  The player has a choice of outsole plates for either firm, soft, or hard ground that can be interchanged to suit the surface of the day.  Standard in the Vapor VI iD is a Strong Glass Fiber Composite Plate that enhances the speed use of the shoe.  Finishing off the shoe is Vapor Traction Technology to give better footing to the toe region for fast sprints.

This shoe comes in 4 different styles to match 4 different countries (Dutch, Brazil, Portugal, USA).  The shoe is designed for fast sprints and all the materials used in the shoe are lightweight so as to aid that function.  This shoe comes with 3 different cleat studs to customize for any surface.  The Mercurial Vapor VI iD comes in the colours: Blue with White, Blue with Green, Blue with Teal, White with Green, or White with Red.

Key Features
  • Soccer Cleat
  • All Surfaces
  • Micro-Fiber Synthetic Upper
  • Soft or Responsive Sockliner
  • Outsole Plate Choice for all Surfaces
  • Glass Fiber Composite Plate Standard
  • Vapor Traction
  • Strong Toe Grip
  • Lightweight
  • 4 Styles:   Dutch, Brazil, Portugal, USA
  • Colours:   Blue w/ White, Blue w/ Green, White w/ Green, White w/ Red, Blue w/ Teal
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