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LunarGlide+ 2 is the successor to the successful yet highly advanced LunarGlide+ trainer released in 2009.

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brightly colored sole looks cool in contrast to the upper

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plenty of cushioning for walking several miles per day

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enough arch support for high arches, keeps your foot relaxed

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form to your foot, ideal for slightly differently shaped left/right feet

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feel light and maneuverable enough to be worn as a daily casual shoe

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overall design is fashionable and goes great with everything

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not very stable when pushing sideways, not ideal for cross-training

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LunarGlide+ 2 is the successor to the successful yet highly advanced LunarGlide+ trainer released in 2009. The shoe was developed for daily training use in mind, with a great combination of super breathable mesh on the forefoot and Nike’s supportive flywire technology alongside the mid and heel.LunarGlide+ 2 utilizes the same Dynamic Support platform, BRS1000 carbon rubber, and Lunarlite midsole, just like the endearing features of the LunarWood+. Evidently this system adapts to one’s stride, moulding and supporting one’s feet if the person is an underpronator, neutral or overpronator. The two part sole system (the wedge shaped midsole is encased within the lunarlite outer sole) allows for either a neutral pronator to experience a well-cushioned smooth stride, whereas an overpronator who strikes the medial (inside) rear foot engages the firmer foam underneath for the added support. Much like its predecessor, Nike also produced gender specific models for the LunarGlide+2, developing the women’s model with different requirements specifically for female runners; down to a different heel fit to accommodate the big variation between the volume of women’s heels and a gender specific last to accommodate the distinct shape of a woman’s foot.

  • TPU tip
  • Breathable mesh for increased comfort
  • Extended flyware saddle
  • Seamless inner construction
  • Internal micro fiber
  • Reflective elements
  • Springy EVA stockliner
  • LunarLite cushioning
  • Phylite carrier
  • Molded sipes
  • Waffle pistons


It is available for both men's and women’s gender, in a variety of colours.

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02/11/2011 12:10

Bought these just over a week ago now for $140 CAD. This is a 40% markup compared to the U.S. price (before 13% tax). While it pains me to pay this much for something that's worth significantly less, I really needed a good pair of shoes for my upcoming Japan trip. The LunarGlide+ 2 is a very comfortable shoe. You can actually feel the shoe working to provide you with comfort during every motion you take while walking. The engineering that went into this product is something else - definitely worth the price.

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