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The Lunaracer is ideal for the runner with a neutral to mildly overpronated gait.

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have a nice bright color to them that looks fashionable

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durably constructed, will last for many miles before they start to wear out

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have a quick response to your movements, don't have to fight them to get moving

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stay very cool, air moves right through them

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made with very light weight materials, don't normally notice them on your feet at all

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enough cushioning for walking around and being on your feet all day

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feet can slide around in them a bit when doing lunges or other extreme high-pressure movements

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not a lot of impact absorption for heavy foot landings, not good for marathons

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The Lunaracer is ideal for the runner with a neutral to mildly overpronated gait.It has breathable mesh upper with Flywire for enhanced fit, support and stability with minimal weight.

The Internal microfiber bands provide  enhanced lockdown and a snug, secure fit.For enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, it also has reflective elements. For better fit, comfort and support,  Springy EVA sockliner is molded around the curve of the heel and medial arch.For soft yet responsive shock absorption, lightweight LunarLite cushioning is provided.Phylite carrier which houses the LunarLite foam core is to enhance cushioning and support, with a virtual medial post to help moderate pronation. Molded sipes along the carrier's base provides  enhanced flexibility and a more neutral, efficient stride.Waffle Pistons provides  increased cushioning and response. For durability and traction, rubber has been fabricated in high-wear areas.

  • Weight: 5.5 ounces (men's size 9) & 5.6 oz ( women's size 9 )
  • Flywire
  • Internal micro  fiber
  • Reflective elements
  • Springy EVA sockliner
  • LunarLite cushioning
  • Phylite carrier
  • Molded sipes
  • Waffle Pistons

The product is available for both men’s and women’s category, in different shapes and sizes and colours.


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