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The Nike Air Max Tailwind+ 2 Breathe is a running shoe.

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air passes through them easily, keeps your feet cool and dry

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stylish design looks good with jeans as well as workout clothes

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comfortable right away, don't need a long break-in period

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impact absorption throughout the entire foot, perfect for a wide range of gaits

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get dirty easily, have to be cleaned frequently

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doesn't react to your movements very well, feels a bit like running on sandbags

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sole isn't very stable, tends to feel a bit wobbly

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The Nike Air Max Tailwind+ 2 Breathe is a running shoe. As part of the Nike Air Max line of shoes, it is designed to provide a secure fit. It features extra ventilation, a foam midsole, and a blown rubber outsole. When compared to another running shoe from the Nike Air Max, the Air Max Moto+ 8, the Tailwind+ 2 Breathe contains some advantages, like extra ventilation (as opposed to just the breathable mesh). However, they both have things in common, such as Nike+ technology.

The Nike Air Max Tailwind+ 2 Breathe has a mesh upper that uses extra ventilation as well as vented synthetic overlays to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, which according to Nike, works especially well in warmer climates. The foam midsole uses Max Air technology for maximum impact protection. The Tailwind+ 2 Breathe also features a blown rubber outsole, that gives better cushioning and response.

The Nike Air Max Tailwind+ 2 Breathe is available in men's sizes (6-6.5, 8.5-9.5, 11-11.5, 13) and women's sizes (6-11), and is available in color varieties such as white/dark gray, white/club purple, and white/team royal.

  • Breathable mesh upper with extra ventilation
  • Vented synthetic overlays
  • Foam midsole
  • Max Air technology
  • Blown rubber outsole
  • Nike+ Ready
  • Nike Air technology
  • Considered Design (more sustainable material, creation process more enviromentally friendly)
  • Flex groves on outsole
  • Available in a variety of colors
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