This wine cooler has large capacity interior, easy to use controls, and modern design.

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Whether you're collection is advanced or new, you'll appreciate this wine cooler's large capacity interior, easy to use controls, and modern design. The freestanding, compact design fits in small spaces easily and requires only 4 inch of clearance on all sides.

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  • Large capacity cooler easily holds up to 28 bottles of your favorite flavors
  • Contemporary styling complements decor and looks great in any setting
  • Interior LED light illuminates your collection and allows for optimal viewing
  • Compact and freestanding design is ideal for most any environment and requires only 4 inch of clearance on all sides!
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology operates quietly and is vibration free to maintain ultimate flavor and aroma
  • Great customer reviews for versatile storage and effective chilling
  • Includes sliding shelves that makes your collection accessible and removable shelves for personalized storage
  • Easy push button controls and digital thermostat maximizes temperature accuracy
  • Heavy duty glass door is insulated to help maintain superior interior temperature!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can aging cheese in it?

    Yes, it works GREAT. Constant 54-55 degrees, average relative humidity is between 70%-75%. Putting a pan of water in the bottom with some type of wick (towel, humidifier wick) adds about 2-3% to that. Had to purchase wooden cutting boards to place on the wire racks, since the racks tend to cut into the wheels, and eventually have removed all but the bottom most rack.

  • Can this fit into a built in cabinet? i was thinking about taking out one of my cabinets for that dimension.

    I would not recommend this unit to use where your cabinet was. The fan on this wine cooler is in the back and it needs cooler air to chill the inside of the wine fridge. So if the air behind the unit stays warm it will never cool low enough to properly store your wine. Solution: look for a wine fridge that circulates air from the bottom front.

  • I noticed that the main questions are about the temps for reds, not much about whites. Is there specific temps for each?

    There are ranges for each, with whites generally being colder than reds. Much of it is personal choice, but reds age better at the mid to high 50's range. Whites are usually colder around the mid-40's.

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