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The NeoTV 550 from Netgear is an upcoming media streamer.

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wide variety of playback options available, including adjusting the aspect ratio and changing the framerate

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runs silently and takes up very little room

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fast interface, no long pauses while browsing files or selecting options

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stable operation, able to handle a wide variety of file types without crashing or locking up

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easy setup, automatically detects and scans available media, options are all simple

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some options are hidden under counter-intuitive menus

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no wireless or support for adding a wireless connection through USB dongle

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The NeoTV 550 from Netgear is an upcoming media streamer. It is very similar to another model of media streamer by Netgear, the NeoTV 350, since both models share certain features. These features include the ability to stream media from USB devices and flash cards, as well as the inclusion of HDMI ports. However, the NeoTV 550 builds on the features it includes by adding several new ones. These include Blu-Ray compatibility, and HD 7.1 surround sound. The HD 7.1 surround sound gives the user high sound quality for their digital media. This lets the user stream even the highest quality files sounding their best. This media streamer also automatically scans the users networked and local devices. From that point, it automatically organizes the users media into movies, music, and photos, making it easy for the user to find files. The NeoTV 550 improves audio and video navigation by using cover art instead of file names. This lets the user recognize titles faster, so they can quickly access them.

  • Can stream media from USB devices
  • Can stream media from flash cards
  • HDMI port
  • Blu-Ray compatility
  • HD 7.1 surround sound
  • Live Browsing
  • Uses cover files for navigation instead of file names
  • Remote with shortcuts
  • On the fly language selection
  • Can directly access networked devices
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