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The Netgear NeoTV 350 (NTV350) is a high definition media streamer released in 2010.

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nice GUI, looks clean and easy to navigate

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easy to use out of the box, setup is quick

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plays a wide variety of file formats, including some rarely supported ones like ISO and M2TS

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doesn't have any WiFi support, need to buy a proprietary accessory for it

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expanding the internal memory is not easy

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no Component or HDMI cables included, need to plan ahead when you pick it up

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DLNA rendering does not work. EG/ if I try to redirect my music output from my iPad or Android phone to the unit, it pops up a DLNA rendering window then kinda reboots itself.

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no playlist management functionality.

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remote is cheap and lacks features

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my bose lifesytle system was not able to learn the remote control characteristics, so I have to use the cheap remote that came with the unit.

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The Netgear NeoTV 350 (NTV350) is a high definition media streamer released in 2010. As a downgrade from the NeoTV 550, the NTV350 lacks an eSATA port. In addition, it  hosts a cheaper remote. Like its counterpart, the NeoTV 350 can playback Blu-ray discs from an external USB player in full 1080p, 24fps. Also featured is standard 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, SD/MMC/XD/Memory Stick expansion, and UPnP AV and DLNA server functionality. Unfortunately the Netgear NTV350 doesn’t include a Netflix client, though it is BDA certified, YouTube compliant, and Internet Radio compatible. Plus it supports wireless networking via an optional WNCE2001 adapter.

  • HD Media Streamer
  • Memory Card
  • USB Interface
  • Standard Ethernet
  • BDA Certified
  • 1080/24p Playback
  • HD Subtitles
  • Slideshows
  • Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD
  • DTS 2.0+, DTS HD 7.1
  • Internet Radio/Video
  • Embedded RSS Fed
  • Metadata Support
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Chris Owens
05/30/2014 01:05

A real disappointment from netgear. Unlike its bigger brother (NeoTV550) that plays all formats flawlessly over a network from a NAS, the 350 skips badly in sound and picture when playing M2TS (blu ray) native rips. Certain menus an cover art are only available if using the USB connection and not over networks, so fails to really be a good wired network streamer.

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