It is not so much a new product as a package deal--included are two Netgear XAV101 Ethernet Adapters.

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The Netgear XAVB101 is not so much a new product as a package deal--included are two Netgear XAV101 Ethernet Adapters, which is everything the average consumer needs to quickly set up an Ethernet network in their house. One of the adapters connects to a router connected to a broadband modem. The other can be plugged in anywhere in the house, and once any Ethernet-equipped devices (PCs, TiVos, gaming consoles) are connected through its Ethernet port, they become part of a network capable of sharing printers, internet, storage, documents, and even HD videos at a speed of 200 mbps. The devices also feature a button for easy setup of 128-bit AES security encryption of the network. Both adapters plug into ordinary HomePlug AV outlets, and by using the existing powerlines of a house as high speed Ethernet connections, the XAVB101 is a cheaper option than having brand new Ethernet lines installed. The kit includes a 1 year warranty, installation guide, setup CD, warranty card, and support and information card.

  • Kit includes 2 Netgear XAV101 Powerline AV Ethernet Adapters
  • Creates a network capable of sharing HD video, VoIP, photos, documents, networked games and storage
  • Networking Feature: Bridge
  • Connection speed: 200 mbps
  • Network Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Power Required: AC 100/240 V
  • Supports Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and HomePlug AV (HPAV)
  • 128-bit AES security encryption offers easy setup with one button
  • Plugs into standard HomePlug AV outlet
  • Includes setup CD, warranty card, support and information card and installation guide
  • 1 year warranty
  • Red, yellow and green LEDs indicate Power, Status, and Ethernet
  • Dimensions: 2.83" (W) x 3.86" (L) x 1.57" (H)
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