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It is ideal for HD streaming & gaming. MU-MIMO simultaneously streams to multiple devices.

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The Nighthawk® X4 WiFi Range Extender boosts your existing WiFi range with speeds up to 2200 Mbps and provides up to 10,000 ft² WiFi range. It is ideal for HD streaming & gaming. MU-MIMO simultaneously streams to multiple devices, while FastLane technology improves performance using both WiFi bands.

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  • Extreme dual band WiFi speed – up to 2200 Mbps
  • High-power amplifiers & internal antenna array increases range
  • Beamforming+ improves wireless range & reliability
  • Access Point mode creates a WiFi hotspot using a wired Ethernet connection
  • MU-MIMO allows you to go faster by simultaneously streaming to multiple devices
  • FastLane Technology improves performance using both WiFi bands
  • Gigabit port to connect to wired devices like smart TVs and game consoles to WiFi
  • Custom Low-Noise Amplifier improves incoming transmission quality from mobile devices
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WiFi Analytics App

Use the Netgear WiFi Analytics App and get advanced analytics to optimize your existing or newly extended WiFi network. Check your network status, WiFi signal strength, identify crowded WiFi channels and much more! 

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System Requirements

  • 2.4 and/or 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless router or gateway
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 20 or Safari 5.1 or Google Chrome 25.0 browsers or higher
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to have anything connected to the extender other than power supply to extend the signal?

    There is nothing else attached to the's a completely stand alone device. The only exception is if you have something plugged into one or both of the USB ports (i.e. external hard drive, printer, etc.) or if you have a computer "hard wired" to one of the 5 gigaports on the back of it. None of the previously mentioned devices are required to extend the signal.

  • Can I use the same SSID as my main WiFi, or do I need to use a different SSID to use this?

    It uses the same ssid, however after the extender it has ext behind it, and you have to reconnect devices under the extender. So depending on which is stronger at different points of range, is the one you would connect to. It uses the same password for all of them. It has 2.4 and 5 GHz, so essentially you would have 4 different ssid under the same password. One for each 2.4 and 5 from router and one each 2.4 and 5 from the extender. So to answer you question you would use a different one than your WiFi. If your router is say belkin123 the to connect to extender would be belkin123_ext.

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