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The WNR2000 uses 128-bit WEP encryption and features a built-in firewall.

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well priced compared to competing wireless N options

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supports QoS out of the box

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impliments the latest wireless N draft standard

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automatically updates its own firmware

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also supports more secure WPA/WPA2

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configuration is very intuitive vs linksys.

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Does not support Nat Loopback with port forwarding/DMZ. ie internal devices won't have ports forwarded to the correct host, but instead will try to access the router on that port. Manually editting the hosts file is not a solution for wireless devices that may leave the network.

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internal antenna

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Port forwarding on this router seems to be a shambles, it just does NOT want to work at all and only loads the router login page, even with "Remote management" switched off, it allows remote login and remote management! It sucks as I cant access my homeserver remotely

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Apparently there is a glitch with this modem making it nearly impossible to link it with any Sony product. I have a brand new Sony Bravia TV which was linked and streaming video perfectly before I bought this hunk of junk. It WILL NOT link to my TV. I've spent hours on the phone with both Sony and Netgear and no one can offer a solution.

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The Netgear WNR2000 is a wireless broadband router, which allows users to share a broadband (Cable, DSL) connection across their home or small business network. Netgear has implemented an automatic detect firmware feature in this router, which automatically checks and updates the WNR2000 to the latest possible firmware, and supports QoS, aiding in multimedia streaming across the router. The WNR2000 uses 128-bit WEP encryption and features a built-in firewall. For added security, Netgear boasts that the WNR2000 also features a double firewall. This router also takes advantage of Wireless-N technology, but is also compatible with Wireless-G and –B technologies. The Netgear WNR2000 was released June 2008, and retails for $70.

  • 802.11n Wireless Technology
  • 128-bit WEP Encryption
  • Built-in Double Firewall
  • One-button wireless configuration
  • Automatic Firmware Detection
  • Supports Multimedia-oriented QoS
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Mike Gledhill
12/23/2010 07:48

I've given up on this router.
It does NOT work properly with VOIP, and cuts off all phonecalls after 15 minutes.

Netgear's support has been hopeless, and I've copied the entire correspondence on the following website, to show how clueless they are:

They aren't sure which version of their firmware to recommend, to sort out the VOIP problems, and deliberately prevent users from posting problems on their Forum.

Avoid this router at all costs..
It looks good, it's easy to setup with Wi-Fi, but it's unsupported and unreliable.

11/09/2009 01:32

i hate how this router thinks it's smarter than you, there should be like a custom mode or something... also firmware was horrible in the beginning when first getting it, latest edition is barely decent, my first netgear and horrible experience, will never buy another netgear, it's not just me - another friend purchased the same exact one and has the same problems as i do.

Thinh Tran
08/15/2009 04:15

This is a very well priced unit and it a lot faster and easier to install than my other units, I also use to play online games on my PS3 and it was magic, absolutely no lag, Love it

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