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The WNR834B from Netgear is a draft-N wireless router that Netgear states can achieve speeds of up to 270Mbps.

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Netgear provides good support on phone and online

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Useful documentation

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No ugly antennas sticking out

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Doesn't support 1 Gbps transfer speeds on wired ports

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Only a 1 year warranty

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Netgear makes bad routers

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Performance isn't THAT good compared to competition

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Disconnects constantly, have to reboot,

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The WNR834B from Netgear is a draft-N wireless router that Netgear states can achieve speeds of up to 270Mbps, which is faster than most wired connections. Netgear includes a multitude of security measures to protect your information. The standard MAC address control is found alongside support for both WPA, and WPA2 on the encryption end. Advanced security functionality comes in the form of the dual firewall setup using Network Address Translation (NAT) to hide your computers from the outside world, and stateful packet inspection (SPI) for detecting threats.

Draft-N also allows for a wider range than older B/G routers, and as the distance from the router increases the speed achieved decreases. To achieve the best performance possible Netgear recommends using their RangeMax network adapters.

The standard 4-wired ports are available at 10/100Mbps full duplex, along with the standard WAN port for connecting the modem. Netgear opted to hide the antennas inside of the router's casing to provide a sleeker design aesthetic compromising their flexibility to achieve a better connection.

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08/21/2007 04:40

I've used three generations of Netgear router. About 2 years ago, I moved into a townhouse around which there is a crazy amount of interference. About a year ago, I purchased the 834T which is the pre-N model WITH the gigabit switch. Since then my wireless link dropouts have reduced by about 90% and upload/download speeds are significantly better. In fact, I consistenly get a sub-70ms ping in HL2DM. Further, I've consistently found the Netgear UI to be easy to use an their products have been absolutely reliable.

07/18/2007 11:33

$50 on Get it!

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