NETGEAR AC1200 High Power 700mW Dual band Wi-Fi Range Extender - Desktop with 5-Ports (EX6200)

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Maximize the power of your network and make sure you have coverage in every corner of your home with the AC1200 High Power WiFi Range Extender. Get ultimate range and performance you need for iPads®, smartphones, laptops & more.

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  • Create faster dual band WiFi access with 802.11ac technology up to 1200Mbps
  • 700 mW high-power amplifiers & high-gain 5dBi antennas for maximum WiFi coverage
  • Powerful dual core ARM A9 processor enables maximum WiFi throughput at Gigabit speed
  • Connect up to 5 wired devices like Blu-ray players, game consoles, smart TVs or streaming players to your WiFi network.
  • Print documents & photos to any USB printer connected to the WiFi Range Extender
  • Use both WiFi bands to establish one super high-speed connection; ideal for HD streaming & gaming
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WiFi Analytics App

How strong is your WiFi signal? Use the Netgear WiFi Analytics App and get advanced analytics to optimize your existing or newly extended WiFi network. Check your network status, WiFi signal strength, identify crowded WiFi channels and much more! Here’s what you can do with the WiFi Analytics App!

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System Requirements

  • 2.4 and/or 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless router or gateway
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 20 or Safari 5.1 or Google Chrome 25.0 browsers or higher
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can i connect an Ethernet cable from main router to this repeater?

    Do not use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to a WiFi router. If you do so, the extender does not work because it is designed to use only a WiFi connection to a WiFi router.

  • Do you have to have anything connected to the extender other than power supply to extend the signal?

    There is nothing else attached to the's a completely stand alone device. The only exception is if you have something plugged into one or both of the USB ports (i.e. external hard drive, printer, etc.) or if you have a computer "hard wired" to one of the 5 gigaports on the back of it. None of the previously mentioned devices are required to extend the signal.

  • Does this unit work in conjunction with a router, or is this also a router with the range extension built in?

    With the stock firmware, it is just an extender. However, you can make it into a fully functional router by installing dd-wrt.

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What's Included

  • AC1200 WiFi Range Extender (EX6200)
  • Installation guide
  • Do More booklet
  • Power adapter
  • Stand
  • Two (2) 5dBi dual band detachable external antennas
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