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The MultiSync P241W is widescreen desktop monitor from the NEC company.

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stand is very flexible, offers height, tilt and turn adjustments

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ambient light sensor is perfect for adjusting according to the sunlight coming in

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viewing angles are excellent, can look at it from almost any angle

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fast screen refresh makes it a great choice for video games

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90 degree rotate mode is convenient for longer text documents

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text is sharp and crisp, easy on the eyes

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colors are extremely accurate, great for professional photo work

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has a bright power-on LED that gets very distracting

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small bumps to the desk get the screen wobbling

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need to use a calibrator to get the colors to look accurate, which is sold separately

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The MultiSync P241W is widescreen desktop monitor from the NEC company. Designed specifically for graphic-intensive applications like image editing and graphic design, this model features a 24-inch widescreen LCD display. The unit's "e-IPS" technology helps to minimize ecological impact while providing sharp, vivid imagery, providing over 95% coverage of the AdobeRGB color space for excellent balance within the company's CS5 software suite. By accessing the DisplaySync Pro feature, users can control up to two different computer interfaces with a single keyboard and mouse, providing simultaneous editing capabilities and additional benefits for increased workflow. Five customizable "Picture Mode" settings are available for quickly switching between templates tailored to different image types, with automatic brightness and contrast adjustment made possible by the P241W's "AmbiBright" ambient light sensor. External connectivity options include DisplayPort, VGA, DVI-D and USB 2.0. 

  • 24-inch widescreen IPS display
  • e-IPS technology 
  • Designed for image editing/display
  • DisplaySync Pro capabilities 
  • AdobeRGB color space coverage
  • 5 programmable picture modes
  • AmbiBright ambient light sensor 
  • USB 2.0 hub
  • 2 DVI-D inputs 
Post Review
11/17/2012 02:02

The power-on LED brightness level can be adjusted and even turned off completely via the free "MultiProfiler" software from the NEC website. I have mine turned off and voila, no annoying LED!

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