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An automatic vacuum cleaner designed for pet owners or those with allergies. It cleans carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl.

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It doesn't scuff the walls.

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The vacuum has great suctioning power.

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It runs much quieter than a normal vacuum.

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It doesn't get close enough to the edges of the room to clean along the walls.

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The wheel assembly breaks easily.

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The battery life should be longer.

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The Neato XV-21 is an automatic vacuum cleaner designed for pet owners or those with allergies. It cleans   carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl. The vacuum is designed with a Pet and Allergy filter for reducing allergens and a bristled brush for picking up pet hair, dander, and fibers. It cleans automatically in a back and forth motion up against walls, in corners, around obstacles, and under furniture with the combination of laser vision and mapping technology. The Neato XV-21 automatically transitions between hard floors and carpets. It also automatically returns to its base for recharging. It comes with a bagless dirt bin that can be emptied and cleaned.

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  • Automatic vacuum, base for charging, and boundary marker
  • Designed for pet owners and those with allergies
  • Cleans all floors
  • Automatic cleaning schedules
  • Automatically returns to base for recharging
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Charge the robot vacuum on the charging base. The vacuum is fully charged when the light turns a solid green. Charge the batteries overnight.

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XV-21 battery

Batteries can be recalibrated between charges if the robot or batteries are new, to update the software, or to expand your cleaning area.

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Recalibrating the battery

  • Make sure cleaning schedules are turned off
  • Turn switch ON.
  • Place the vacuum on its base for overnight charging
  • Run the vacuum to clean the entire house or until the battery is low
  • Charge the robot on its base until the light turns solid green
  • Run the robot until it needs charging again
  • The batteries are recalibrated if it runs longer than 40 minutes. If it doesn't run 40 minutes, then recharge again
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you visually see if the dust bin is full?

    No, there isn't a window, but a message will appear on the display screen.

  • How much will the dirt bin hold?

    Around two cups of dirt and pet hair.

  • How long will the battery last?

    It lasts generally around 50 minutes.

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