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Nature2's patented technology uses minerals to destroy bacteria for up to four months in portable spas.

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Nature2 SPA is ideal for spa owners looking for an eco-friendly, low maintenance alternative to heavy chlorine or bromine to keep their spa clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. Nature2 SPA uses a patented, EPA-approved mineral bed technology to effectively kill bacteria safely and effortlessly.

Nature2 SPA works by automatically dissolving trace amounts of mineral elements into the water. Those elements act as a sanitizer to destroy bacteria and viruses. Just drop the Nature2 SPA stick into the spa’s filter and forget about it for up to four months! Nature2 SPA will keep your spa sparkling clean and smelling great – even in-between use. 

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  • Mineral cartridge W20750 for spas
  • The only EPA-approved no-chlorine or bromine sanitizer system when used with Nature2 Cense
  • Fits inside the filter cartridge for easy installation
  • Keep your spa free from harmful bacteria
  • Reduces need for harsh chemicals; less skin irritation
  • Combine with Nature2 Cense® for EPA-recognized sanitization
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our current Pro Clear Sanitizier is blue and twists onto the the top of the filter. This one is yellow with different top. Can we use this one?

    Yes. They are both made by Nature2 and the only difference is the color and the cap.

  • Is this a direct replacement for HotSring's Silver Ion Sanitazer 71325 (W12200)?

    Not sure if it is a direct replacement, but it has an adjustable height to fit you filter configuration.

  • I have no ozonator on my spa. What else do I need to use when using this Nature2 stick??

    Nothing! You don't "need" an ozonator either. This does not eliminate the use of chlorine entirely, it just reduces the amount.

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