The Napoleon Prestige II Gemini PT750RSBI is a massive 86" dual head gas grill with two individual grilling systems for 1156 sq.

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The Napoleon Prestige II Gemini PT750RSBI is a massive 86" dual head gas grill with two individual grilling systems for 1156 of cooking space.  The left grilling system features two infrared ceramic bottom burners that provide intense heat suitable for searing and restaurant-style grilling.  The right grilling system features three stainless steel bottom burners and an infrared rear rotisserie burner for indirect and convection-style cooking.  The grill also has a flush-mounted side burner to complete the grilling package, bringing the total heating capacity of the grill to 107,000 BTUs.  The Prestige II Gemini PT750RSBI is designed with an enclosed storage cabinet with two contour doors, roll top lids, and stainless steel shelves with condiment trays for extra space.  It comes with stainless steel cooking grids, a heavy duty rotisserie, and a convenient full-width galvanized steel drip pan that channels drippings into a removable grease cup that can easily be cleaned.  The Prestige II Gemini PT750RSBI comes in a stainless steel finish and can also be purchased as a built-in model.  It comes in both propane or natural gas options and has a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Dual head gas grill with two individual grilling systems
  • 1156 total cooking area; 750 primary, 406 secondary
  • Left grill: 2 infrared ceramic bottom burners
  • Right grill: 3 stainless steel bottom burners with rear infrared rotisserie burner
  • 1 flush mounted side burner
  • Total heating capacity of 107,000 BTUs
  • Comes with commercial quality rotisserie with 4 forks and counter balance 
  • Space saving LIFT EASE™ roll top lids
  • Stainless steel WAVE™ rod cooking grids
  • Stainless steel shelves with full width CONTOUR™ condiment trays
  • Full width, galvanized steel drip pan and removable grease cup
  • Enclosed storage cabinet with 2 double walled CONTOUR™ doors in stainless steel 
  • Electronic igniter
  • Available as a built-in grill head model
  • President's Limited Lifetime Warranty
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