Ridge Racer 7 is the second next-gen installment to the ultra-arcadey Ridge Racer series.

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Ridge Racer 7 is the second next-gen installment to the ultra-arcadey Ridge Racer series. Namco continues with the traditional gameplay that has made the Ridge Racer series a gaming icon for the past 12 years, with completely unrealistic drifting mechanics and beautiful unrealistic cars. Namco introduces a few new quirks to the Ridge formula that should keep the series fresh for long-time fans. Players are now able to perform some basic mechanic tuning on their vehicles to tune the cars to fit their playstyles better. By mixing and matching optional parts, players can make the cars drifting monsters, super grip machines, or somewhere in between to best suit your style. The other new feature is the introduction of the slipstream system, known as drafting in traditional racing. Drive up close enough behind a car and fall underneath their slipstream to get a speed boost and blow past them.

Ridge Racer 6 for the 360 brought Ridge Racer into the online scene, and while there were some hiccups, was overall a great experience. Namco has extended the online portion of RR7 even further offering up more modes and more ways to play.

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