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The NAD T 557 is a high-end Blu-ray Disc player, released in late 2009.

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good support for Deep Color, creates an incredibly wide color gamut for higher-end HDTVs

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DVD upscaling looks very good, makes them much sharper

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picture quality is excellent, very sharp with no problem handling fast-moving subjects

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24fps mode makes fast-paced Blu-ray movies look very sharp, eliminates blur completely

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audio is crisp and bright through the whole range

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can take a long time to eject a disc if the unit is in standby

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generates a lot of heat while in operation, need to make sure its in a well ventilated area

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The NAD T 557 is a high-end Blu-ray Disc player, released in late 2009. This player is a step up from the manufacturer’s NAD T 587, as the T 557 offers improved audio decoding with proprietary technology from NAD. However, this model remains in the middle of NAD’s product line-up, as the T 577 player offers additional functionality such as built-in Wi-Fi with video streaming and DivX HD support. The T 557 supports Blu-ray Profile 2.0, meaning users can watch online BD-Live video content over the built-in Ethernet port. Deep Color over HDMI and xvYCC extended color space are also supported, allowing for the best possible video reproduction. Additional features include a 24 fps mode for movies, and a USB port for media playback. The NAD T 557 is available in black or silver.

  • Deep Color over HDMI support
  • xvCC extended color space
  • 24fps mode
  • Profile 2.0 support
  • 1080p DVD upscaling
  • Onboard Dolby TrueHD and DTS MA 7.1 decoding
  • PCM over HDMI audio output
  • IR input
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Colors: black or silver
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