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It’s able to relay content in a full 1080p high-definition resolution at Blu-ray’s natural 24fps speed.

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design is industrial and serious looking, definitely looks like a high-end piece of equipment

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easily expanded with the NAD M15HD and NAD M25 as needed

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menus are filled with great graphics, very attractive and intuitive

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WiFi connects right away, loads BD-Live content quickly

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discs load very quickly, don't have to wait long at all

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constructed with heavy-weight, durable, high-quality components

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You pay $1.700 for the box!!

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The same electronics as LG BD390!!

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disc tray is really shallow, need to be careful loading a disc

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The M56 is a Blu-ray disc player that offers full support for all HD audio/video formats, as well as compatibility with CDs and DVDs. It’s able to relay content in a full 1080p high-definition resolution at  Blu-ray’s natural 24fps speed; plus it can upscale DVDs to 1080p over HDMI, and component video up to 1080i. And on the audio end, the player supports up to a 7.1 Linear PCM soundtrack with a 24-bit resolution over HDMI. One of the most coveted features is a disc-loading speed that’s supposedly only ‘a few seconds,’ which gives it an advantage over many of its competitors. Plus it not only supports modern Dolby/DTS formats with ‘lossless’ compression, but also legacy ones as well.

  • Thick Steel Chassis
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Front Panel
  • Integrated Cooling System
  • BD Live Network Connectivity (Profile 2.0)
  • Integrated WiFi/Ethernet Connectivity
  • Super Fast Loading
  • 1080p/24 Video Resolution
  • DVD/Component Upscaling
  • Onboard Decoding (Lossless)
  • Support for Legacy Codecs
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