The NAD T 773 is heir to many generations of award winning NAD designs.

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From Manufacturer - The NAD T 773 is heir to many generations of award winning NAD designs. This exceptional pedigree is evident in both the look and the feel of the T 773, and it is unmistakable the moment you listen. It is NAD’s insistence on creating products with remarkable sound quality at sensible prices that has made NAD the fi rst choice among the most knowledgeable listeners from around the world. NAD’s “Music First” philosophy dictates that we endow our Audio Video products with the same warm involving sound quality that makes music listening so rewarding with our stereo components. This stands in stark contrast to our competitors who view Audio Video components primarily from a “content” point of view, with sound quality far down the list of priorities. Yet the T 773 is second to none in terms of flexibility and up-to-the-minute digital technology.
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03/25/2008 03:39

I purchased this receiver about 6 months ago, and couldn't be more pleased. I was looking for something that could offer quite a bit of power without taking the next step to separate components, as well as have a reputation for delivering dynamic music. This product delivers on both accounts. I have this in a 7.1 system, paired with Ascend's Sierra 1 speakers, and the combination gives you a very wide, enveloping soundstage, making it difficult to locate speakers.

I have this in a dedicated media room, and play bluray and dvd movies. The receiver does great with movies as well. I'm actually pleased that it doesn't have all of those DSP's as I'm looking for a very natural sound anyway. One feature I especially like, is that the remote has buttons to raise or lower the volume level of the side surrounds, center and sub. Depending on the source, this is a very helpful quick method of adjusting the sound levels.

I typically use the analog inputs to playback music and movies, directly from my PC. The analog passthrough sounds amazing. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone.....and if you look hard enough, you may be able to get it around $1000. Well worth it.

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