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The NAD T 737 is a 7 channel A/V surround sound receiver that gives a good performance at a reasonable price.

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IPD iPod docks enable audio and video playback directly through the unit's video outputs

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Customizable "Virtual Inputs" enable pre-setting of multiple device types - useful for switching between movie players and gaming consoles

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Repeater function automatically strips HDMI audio signal to minimize degradation - upscales analog formats in the process

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Up-converts most content to match TrueHD quality standards

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Standby mode uses less than one watt - greatly reduces ecological damage output

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Auto Calibration function ensures optimal level balancing for all room types and sizes

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Dual-remote layout may lead to user confusion - substantial learning curve involved

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The NAD T 737 is a 7 channel A/V surround sound receiver that gives a good performance at a reasonable price. Each of the seven channels has 40 watts of simultaneous power (full disclosure), with 90 watts of power available in stereo mode. Although it does not offer the full level of customization as upper model receivers made by NAD, it uses the same remarkable flexibility of NAD’s highly refined User Interface for easy operation and setup. The Data Port can be used with optional NAD Dock for iPod giving you easy access to your digital music library. It supports a plethora of sound modes including Dolby Digital EX, ProLogic IIx, DTS Digital Surround 96/24, Neo:6, EARS surround, Enhanced Stereo and Dolby Virtual.  There are several inputs including two HDMI inputs with video switching function and three component inputs which can be used with 2 optical and one coaxial digital audio inputs for plenty of HD compatibility.

  • Data Port for use with optional NAD Dock for iPod
  • Dolby Digital EX, ProLogic IIx, DTS Digital Surround 96/24, Neo:6
  • EARS surround, Enhanced Stereo, Dolby Virtual
  • 5 Custom AV Presets allow instant recall of unique speaker settings, listening mode, and tone settings
  • AM/FM Tuner with 60 Presets (30 AM and 30 FM)
  • Optional DAB (230V) or XM (120V) Tuner Modules
  • 2 HDMI Inputs with Video Switching Function
  • 6 Analogue Audio Inputs, plus 7.1 analogue input
  • 2 Optical and 1 Coax Digital Audio Inputs
  • 4 Analogue Video (S-Video and Composite) and 3 Component Video inputs
  • S-Video and Composite are format converted to Component Video
  • Front Panel Inputs for games, cameras, etc. include S-Video and Composite Video, Analogue Audio, Optical Digital Audio
  • 2 IR Inputs, 1 IR Output
  • RS-232 port interface to advanced control systems
  • 12V Trigger Out
  • AVR 3 Remote; 4 Device Control with NAD code library
Power Amp
  • Power output (stereo, 8 ohms within rated distortion 2 x 90W (ref. 0.08% THD, 8O)
  • IHF dynamic power: 8 ohms 2 x 110W
  • IHF dynamic power: 4 ohms 2 x 160W
  • Simultaneous power output surround mode: 7 x 40W
  • Total Harmonic Distortion at rated power: 0.08%
  • IM Distortion at rated power: 0.08%
  • Damping factor, 8 ohms: >60
  • Sensitivity and impedance (R and C): 300mV / 47kO
  • Frequency response: 5Hz-20kHz ±0.5dB (ref. 20Hz - 20kHz)
  • Signal to noise ratio; rated power 8 ohms: >100dB (ref. rated power 8O)
  • Signal to noise ratio;  1W/8ohms: >90dB (ref. 1W 8O)
  • Total harmonic distortion; FM Mono: 0.3%
  • Total harmonic distortion; FM Stereo: 0.5%
  • Signal/noise ratio; Mono: 70dB
  • Signal/noise ratio; Stereo: 65dB
  • Stereo separation; @1kHz: 40dB
Physical Specification
  • Gross Dimensions (W×H×D); Imperial: 17 1/8” x 6 9/16” x 15 1/2”
  • Gross Dimensions (W×H×D);  Metric: 435 x 167 x 394mm
  • Net Weight; Imperial: 26.6 lbs
  • Net Weight; Metric: 12.08 kg 
  • Shipping Weight; Imperial: 33.2 lbs
  • Shipping Weight; Metric 15.10 kg
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