Featuring a Modular Design Construction (MDC) in which the audio and video boards are on removable modules.

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The NAD T 175 is a standard-definition audio/visual surround-sound preamplifier featuring a Modular Design Construction (MDC) in which the audio and video boards are on removable modules. Featured is support for Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Pro Logic Iix and EARS Processing (responsible for improved two-channel processing), and an advanced VXP video processing engine, though the T 175 limits adjustments to simple variables like noise reduction, contrast, etc., to make the setup process faster. In regard to performance, it offers full 1080p Blu-ray rendering, though standard DVDs are maxed out at 480i. There’s also a single 7.1-channel analog audio input. Overall the NAD T 175 lacks the advanced setup options some may desire, but it does allow for superior quality audio/visual performance.

  • SD AV Surround Sound Preamplifier
  • Modular Design Construction
  • Lossless Decoding (Dolby, DTS, ProLogic)
  • Audyssey Auto Calibration
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT Room Correction
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ
  • 5 A/V Custom Presets
  • 24-bit 192kHz A/D and D/A Converters
  • 7 Analogue Stereo Audio Inputs including 1 Audio Front Input in the front panel
  • Media Player MP front panel input
  • 6 Analogue Video Inputs including 1 S-Video and 1 Composite Front Video input in the front panel
  • 3 Component Video Inputs
  • 7 Digital Audio Inputs - 3 Coaxial and 4 Optical including Optical Front input in the front panel
  • 4 1080p HDMI Digital Audio/Video Inputs
  • Cross Conversion of all analogue video formats
  • Analogue video to HDMI Conversion
  • Sigma VXP Image Processing with HD scaling to 1080p
  • 3 Analogue Audio outputs including Zone 2 Audio Out and with the 2 other Audio outputs assignable also as Zone 3 and Zone 4 Audio Out
  • 4 Video Monitor Outputs - HDMI, Component, S-Video and Composite formats
  • 3 Analogue Video Outputs - 2 Video (Composite and S-Video) and 1 Zone (Composite)
  • 7.2 Analogue Pre-Out (2 Subwoofers)
  • 2 Digital Outputs - 1 Coaxial and 1 Optical (TOSLINK)
  • 7.1 Analogue Input
  • Zone 2 A/V line level Output with independent source and volume selection
  • Digital Inputs available as 2-channel analogue downmix on Zone 2 Output
  • Zone 3 and Zone 4 Audio Output with independent source and volume selection
  • ZR 4 second Zone remote included with discrete codes for independent zone
  • IR input
  • 3 x IR outputs
  • RS-232 port interface for advanced control systems
  • 3 x 12V output triggers, 1 x 12V input
  • RDS FM and AM Tuner
  • 40 direct access presets that can be a mix of your favourite AM, FM and XM (or DAB) stations
  • iPod Ready — just add NAD IPD 2 Dock for iPod (iPod Menu on OSD and Front Panel Display)
  • XM Ready — just add outboard XM module (North American version)
  • DAB Ready — just add outboard NAD DB 1 module (Europe and Asia)
  • HTRC 1 Illuminated Learning Remote Control with LCD display
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