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The MTX JackHammer JH5512 is a 12" car subwoofer developed after MTX's True 22-inch JackHammer SuperWoofer series.

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Rubber surrounds prevent residual vibration/accidental unit damage - will remain firmly in place, even when system is at maximum volume

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Fantastic power handling - can be driven to maximum levels while retaining presence and clarity

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Powerful sound outputting - many vehicles will only require a single unit for sufficient bass

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Asymmetrical Linear Drive system significantly reduces unwanted "coloring" that can occur with lower-end units - effectively reproduces audio for outboard EQing

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Minimalist construction style is both aesthetically and functionally appealing - lightweight nature makes installation significantly easier

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Stamped basket enclosure is ideal for reckless drivers - keeps unit securely in place during abrupt braking/acceleration

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Venting system negatively influences sound quality - high and middle frequencies may be muffled/unclear

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The MTX JackHammer JH5512 is a 12" car subwoofer developed after MTX's True 22-inch JackHammer SuperWoofer series.  The subwoofer is designed with a graphite polypropylene cone with MTX's JackHammer logo.  It has a stitched rubber surround for added durability as well as a black stamped basket with a large rubber boot.  The JackHammer JH5512 features an Asymmetrical Linear Drive System for crisp, clear sound and MTX's proprietary Spider Plateau Venting technology to keep the subwoofer cool.  It produces 400 RMS watts of power and has a single 4-ohm voice coil.  Compared to MTX's JH4512 subwoofer, the JH5512 is more powerful since it has a larger magnet and higher RMS output than the JH4512.  The two models also differ in the design since the JH4512 is designed with a silver basket and cone.

  • 12" subwoofer
  • 1.75" single 4-ohm voice coil
  • Black precision stamped basket
  • Polypropylene woofer cone with stitched rubber surround
  • Stamped back panel with large rubber boot
  • ALDS Asymmetrical Linear Drive System
  • Spider Plateau Venting cooling system
  • 70oz. Magnet structure
  • Power Handling: 800 watts (peak), 400 watts (RMS)
  • Sensitivity: 86.7 dB
  • Sealed Box Volume: 1.25 cu. ft.
  • Vented Box Volume: 2.00 cu. ft.
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