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The MSi Wind U123 is an upgrade of the U120 and its very successful parent - the U100.

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keyboard is comfortable and quiet, keys are well spaced

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display is bright enough for any lighting, great color depth

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can handle full-screen HD video smoothly, no screen tearing or blur

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feels really light in your briefcase, not much of a weight to it

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battery lasts for several hours even with the brightness turned up

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stays quiet and cool under most conditions

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needs added memory to run completely smoothly

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microphone is pretty weak, makes VOIP calls awkward

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speakers aren't capable of very loud output

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The MSi Wind U123 is an upgrade of the U120 and its very successful parent - the U100. This netbook distinguishes itself with a significantly improved battery life and the novel addition of facial recognition software. The battery life of netbooks has always been a serious source of complaint, generated mostly by the slightly unfair but inevitable comparisons to larger format laptops. This netbook goes a long way toward dampening these criticisms with an extra three hours of battery life on top of its predecessor's five hour life span. Facial recognition software adds a level of security generally not expected in an ultralight mini-laptop, but MSI makes a compelling case that mobile professionals often travel with delicate data that warrants the additional protection. Once you have registered your image through the netbook's webcam, it generally takes less than ten seconds for recognition. For most, the extra battery life alone makes the U123 a good purchase.

  • 1.66 GHz Intel Atom
  • 1 GB installed RAM
  • 160GB Hard Drive
  • Facial Recognition Software
  • Nice cell battery with 8 hour lifespan
  • 10" screen
  • 802.11b Wireless Lan with Bluetooth
  • Webcam
  • 4-in-1 card reader
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