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The MSi PR601 is a mid-sized laptop designed for business use.

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screen is bright and very clear, makes reading text very comfortable

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webcam gets a great picture and, combined with the microphone, make for good video conference calls

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solid and fast WiFi connections

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has a full number keypad making productivity work much easier

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very light weight and easy to carry around

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slim design makes it easy to slip into a briefcase

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plenty of USB ports for external devices

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processor is among the slower ones for mobile computing, can't handle high-demand applications

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speakers never get very loud and sound tinny

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The MSi PR601 is a mid-sized laptop designed for business use. It is larger than the others in the MSi PR line with a screen that is 15.4 inches and is a ACV (amazing crystal vision) display. The larger display means there is more space for a larger keyboard as well, so the MSi PR601 has a independent numeric keyboard. The 1.3 mega pixel webcam is not as good as the one on the MSi PR211 which is 2 mega pixels, but it is serviceable for video chatting or conference calls. The laptop comes with Genuine Windows Vista Business preinstalled. Despite being larger than other laptops in the MSi PR line, the MSi PR601 is still lightweight and ultra slim with a weight of 6 pounds.

  • Intel Centrino 2 processor
  • Genuine Windows Vista Business
  • 15.4" ACV (Amazing Crystal Vision Display)
  • Ultra Lightweight and Slim Design
  • Independent Numeric Keyboard
  • Built-in 1.3 Mega Pixel Webcam
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN with Bluetooth
  • 2 speakers
  • DVD Super Multi
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